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CDC Director Caught in Massive Lie About COVID-19 Bivalent Boosters


CDC Director Rochelle Walensky claimed that the new omicron bivalent COVID-19 boosters were tested on 1,700 humans.

“Updating these vaccines to match the circulating variants helps us to be better protected against these variants and future variants,” Walensky said.

“Data from studies on over 1,700 people who received a bivalent COVID-19 vaccine demonstrated an increased immune response and broad protection against known variants.”

Watch on Rumble via Chief Nerd:

So, where’s the data for 1,700 people?

In fact, the omicron bivalent COVID-19 boosters underwent testing in 8 mice.

Yup, that’s right.

8 mice!

Surprisingly, the media did their own fact check of this claim and verified it to be true.


“This is the first time in medical history that a product (bivalent boosters) was developed and not tested on a single human being,” said Dr. Peter McCullough.

From CreakyJoints:

Scientists believe that the updated boosters will provide better protection against COVID than the older boosters, but it’s hard to say for sure just how much of an edge they will offer. Firstly, no one knows how long Omicron will be the predominant variant. It’s also worth noting that these updated COVID boosters — unlike their predecessors — are being rolled out despite lack of testing on humans.

Of course, these shots are highly similar to the original vaccines, which have been thoroughly vetted for safety and effectiveness and already given to millions of people. But the rush to get updated boosters ready for this fall meant that manufacturers only had time to directly test them on mice. The manufacturers also analyzed clinical trial data (on humans) from a similar vaccine that targeted the original omicron strain (BA.1). 

“The FDA has been planning for the possibility that the composition of the COVID-19 vaccines would need to be modified to address circulating variants,” the agency explained. “The FDA has extensive experience with strain changes for annual influenza vaccines … The public can be assured that a great deal of care has been taken by the FDA to ensure that these bivalent COVID-19 vaccines meet our rigorous safety, effectiveness and manufacturing quality standards for emergency use authorization.”

Dr. Marty Makary added in Sensible Medicine:

The new mRNA vaccines expected to be authorized next month have no clinical trial results that are public. In fact, we know nothing about them. Urging the American people to blindly obey to take a novel mRNA vaccine is not only bad medicine, it’s bad policy. And it’s certainly not following the science.

We just saw this data ambush approach two months ago with the Covid vaccines for babies and toddlers. Here’s how the timeline played out. The White House and public health officials promised them and pushed them hard for children between the ages of 6-months and 5 years. Then vaccine manufacturers released data and declared them safe and effective (the media blindly parroted the message). Here’s the catch. The underlying data actually showed the study sample was too small to make safety conclusions, and most of the claimed effectiveness was statistically invalid. The Pfizer vaccine in babies and toddlers had no statistically significant efficacy. Moderna’s vaccine had an efficacy of just 4% in preventing asymptomatic children aged 6 months to 2 years. (Some European countries have restricted the use of Moderna’s vaccine for anyone under the age of 30 due to the risk of myocarditis). One frustrated CDC official told me the vaccines are so ineffective in young children it wouldn’t matter if you, “inject them with it or squirt it in their face.” Maybe that’s why after a month of pushing Covid vaccination for children under five, only 3% of them got the jab.

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