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MUST SEE: Fans Take Over The National Anthem During 9/11 Game


This was really awesome to see.

You know the interesting thing about False Flags?

They are misunderstood.

A False Flag doesn’t mean an event didn’t happen and it wasn’t a huge tragedy, it just means the official story fed to the public may not be accurate.

Of course I’m talking about 9/11.

And while we wrote about Building 7 earlier today and all of the things that still don’t make sense 21 years later, whatever the REAL story is doesn’t change the tragic loss of life on that fateful day.

And for that reason it’s so heartwarming to see our nation come together to set aside political differences and even differences between two competing football teams to come together as ONE America.

We got one of those moments today at the Jets vs. Ravens game, held today on the 21st anniversary of 9/11/01.

But before we get to that, I can’t talk National Anthem without first giving you the two WORST performances.

Now this is a tough list, and you may have others to add (i.e. Roseanne) but the Michael and Kobe on my list for worst Anthems ever belong to one Carl Lewis and one Fergie Ferg.

And you know what is common between both of them?

They’re actually both good singers and they both have a ton of confidence throughout both performances…it just doesn’t quite go the way they pictured in their heads.

For my money, nothing will ever beat Carl Lewis’s “UH OH!” or “I’ll make up for it now!” but Fergie gives him a good challenge.

Watch for yourself and enjoy a little laugh:

You gotta love all the players at the end cracking up when it ended and I think to this day Carl may still be doing that wave sound with his voice…

So good.

I didn’t realize until rewatching it today it was actually during one of Jordan’s games.

Carl, how did you do my boy Michael like that?

You don’t bring THAT presentation to a 90’s Bulls game!

And then we enter the lounge for terrible Anthem #2:

Ok, now with those out of the way (and I hope you got a good laugh), now I want to get serious for a minute.

Serious and sentimental.

Because this truly is great.

Watch as Brianna Fernandez from the NYPD starts the Anthem and then tosses it to the crowd to sing in unison.


Absolutely wonderful, except for a few of the players who either don’t know the words or think they’re above singing.

But for everyone else this may be the most heartwarming thing you’ll see in quite a while.

I’ve already watched a few times.

Oh, and Memo to the NFL: you finally got one right.

THIS is what fans want.

Stop the Woke BS and try more of this.

You might just find we actually start watching your games again.


Please enjoy:



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