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California Grid Operator ORDERS Rolling Blackouts 1 Week After Passing Ban on Gas Cars; Millions to Be Affected


I’m sure Californians with common sense are missing President Trump right about now.

We were told that if Joe Biden went into the White House that things would return to normal.

Well… are rolling blackouts normal?

Are power outages normal?

Because that’s exactly what’s happening in California.

And this isn’t on accident either.

In fact, grid operators have officially ordered rolling blackouts to keep from overloading the system.

This means that potentially millions will be in the dark this week.

Is this what it means to go green?

More details below:

Here’s what’s interesting:

Are states like Texas or Florida experiencing rolling blackouts?


Just California.

The left wants to blame this on “climate change,” but why is only their state affected?

Local NBC News reports:

Cal-ISO has declared an Energy Emergency Alert 3 Tuesday afternoon with rotating power outages very possible. This alert comes as an unrelenting nearly week-long heat wave pushes the state’s demand for electricity to unprecedented levels.

The demand for power Tuesday is expected to reach an all-time high, power officials said.

“As the state faces the hottest day in this prolonged, record- breaking heat wave, grid conditions are expected to worsen,” according to the power-grid manager. “If needed, ISO could order utilities to begin rotating power outages to maintain stability of the electric grid. If that occurs, consumers should expect communications — either phone, text or email — from their utilities notifying them of outage areas and likely durations.”

The announcement marked the most urgent in a series of calls from Cal ISO and others to conserve power during the heat wave.

“This is an extraordinary heat event we are experiencing, and the efforts by consumers to lean in and reduce their energy use after 4 p.m. are absolutely essential,” said Elliot Mainzer, the California ISO’s president and CEO.

The California Independent System Operator extended a statewide Flex Alert — a call for voluntary power conservation — again for Tuesday afternoon and into the evening. Residents are asked to take all possible measures to conserve electricity during the peak hours of 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. for the seventh consecutive day.

“We are now heading into the worst part of it,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said in a tweet Tuesday.

After Flex Alerts, grid managers have several options before rotating power outages, such as tapping backup generators, buying more power from other states and using so-called demand response programs, where people are paid to use less energy.

The agency also declared a Energy Emergency Alert 2 on Monday. The alerts are part of the demand-supply balancing act that Cal ISO performs to avoid power interruptions in the nation’s most populous state.

Now here’s where things get ironic.

The blackouts are coming just a week after the state passed a bill that would ban the sale of all gas cars.

That’s right: the state is attempting to go completely green by banning gas cars.

Well, I have a question:

How are people supposed to charge their cars with rolling blackouts?

Unfortunately, California is being hailed as a model by other states.

Over a dozen states are considering following in California’s footsteps.

According to Fox News:

More than a dozen states are debating whether to adopt California’s plan to ban new gas cars by the year 2035.

Several of the 17 states are likely to move forward with the plan, including Washington, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Vermont. California’s restrictions are the strictest in the country, mandating that all new vehicles run on either electricity or hydrogen by 2035.

The mandate is facing fierce pushback in states like Minnesota, where the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association argues the weather prohibits the use of solely electric vehicles.

“The technology is such that the vehicles just don’t perform that well in cold weather,” Scott Lambert, the trade group’s president, told the Associated Press. “We don’t all live in southern California.”

Colorado is also among the states where the measure faces firm opposition.

“While the governor shares the goal of rapidly moving towards electric vehicles, he is skeptical about requiring 100% of cars sold to be electric by a certain date as technology is rapidly changing,” the Colorado Energy Office told the AP.

Again, we haven’t seen blackouts like this in other states.

Not in Texas.

Not in Florida.

And those are both very hot states.

So why is this happening in California?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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