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October 1, 2022 Bank Reset? Shemitah?



I continue to warn about a possible black swan event coming in September or October.

Perhaps right in between on October 1?

That’s what a new report just out yesterday says.

I’ll get to that in a minute, but here’s what we know as fact so far…

First, September/October has historically been one of the worst months for stocks and most frequent time for the biggest crashes.


Perhaps the Elite like it that way.

There are many key Biblical and Witchcraft dates in that range — Halloween, anyone?  You do know that’s not a random date on the calendar, right?

We also know that Pope Francis recently issued an unprecedented edict that billions of church funds must be submitted back to the Vatican by October 1 / September 30 (hey, there’s that date again):

Bo Polny: The Fireworks Start In September! Bitcoins Massive Move…

And even Bo Polny told me his time cycles show massive fireworks in September and heading into November...

Check out that interview if you missed it, it's the highest rated one we've ever done:

HEADS UP: Bo Polny Has Major Warnings For The Month Of September!

And now the latest...

Christopher Greene at AMTV has been doing some great reporting recently and he just laid out his case for why October 1, 2022 may be the bank reset and capital controls.

And it involves the Shemitah, which Bo Polny has also covered with us in detail.

This video is a must see if you want to be prepared for what is coming just around the corner:

But it's not just some random guy on YouTube.

The bank stress tests are real and they come on October 1:

Of course anyone who is worried the banks may not be solvent is just "misunderstanding the facts".

Ok, thanks for letting me know.

Pretty sure they said the same thing before 2008 and 1929....

According to Reuters, Bank of America has already underperformed on a June 2022 test:

From Reuters:

Shares in the biggest U.S. banks rallied on Friday after they passed the Federal Reserve's annual health check, but Bank of America (BAC.N) underperformed with test results implying it needs a larger-than-expected capital buffer, which could limit share buybacks and dividends.

While the broader equity market also rallied on Friday, Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.N), up 7.5%, was the biggest gainer among the 34 lenders that underwent the Fed's so-called stress test, which measures how they would fare in a hypothetical severe economic downturn. read more

The group would have roughly twice the capital required under Fed rules in the downturn scenario, it said.

"The big picture is that banks are extremely well capitalized and could manage through a downturn," David Konrad, analyst at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods (KBW).

But the results implied a big variation in the size of banks' stress capital buffers (SCB) - an extra layer of capital banks must hold to cover potential losses and support their daily business which the Fed will set in coming weeks.

Banks expected to have to hike their stress capital buffers were Bank of America, Citigroup Inc (C.N) and JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N), causing their shares to underperform on Friday.

What else is coming?

Oh just a little thing called Biden Bucks....

And no, they are NOT good for you.

It appears that these will likely come immediately after the bank crash:

Here Come The “Biden Bucks” — Here’s What It Means For You!

We've been warning you!

At the heart of all of it is cryptocurrencies.

Some are good...

Some are bad...

And some will most likely go 1,000x from their current prices.

Many others will likely go to zero.

Do you know the details?

Are you preapred?

Bo Polny shared some wonderful insight here if you missed it:

Bo Polny: Why The Immense Need For Cryptocurrencies NOW!

Be ready folks...

Buckle your seatbelts, all indications say it's about to get ROCKY!

Be safe.

Be prepared.

Be informed.


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