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Former CIA, NSA Director Suggests Trump Should be Executed if Convicted of ‘Espionage’


The Deep State doesn’t hide its vicious hatred of President Donald Trump.

In a tweet on Thursday, Michael Beschloss, a historian and contributor on far-left MSNBC, recalled two Americans who were executed for sharing nuclear secrets with foreign governments.

“Rosenbergs were convicted for giving U.S. nuclear secrets to Moscow, and were executed June 1953,” Beschloss tweeted.

Former CIA and NSA Director and now-retired Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden responded: “Sounds about right.”

The tweets come on the heels of the fake news media pushing the narrative that President Donald Trump is being suspected of having committed violations of the Espionage Act by taking ‘classified’ documents containing nuclear weapons information to his Mar-a-Lago home after he left office.

Politico reported:

The documents, unsealed after the Justice Department sought their public disclosure amid relentless attacks by Trump and his GOP allies, underscore the extraordinary national security threat that federal investigators believed the missing documents presented. The concern grew so acute that Attorney General Merrick Garland approved the unprecedented search of Trump’s estate last week.

The disclosure of the documents comes four days after Trump publicly confirmed the court-authorized search of his Mar-a-Lago home by the FBI, marshaling his political allies to unleash fierce criticism of federal investigators. But the details in the warrant underscore the gravity of the probe — an unprecedented investigation of a former president for mishandling some of the nation’s most sensitive secrets.

Here’s the thing mainstream media forgets to tell their viewers.

As president, Donald Trump could declassify anything he wanted.

The president has that ultimate authority.

Natural News explained:

While reports have suggested that Trump ‘stole’ classified information, the fact is, as president, he had the ultimate authority to declassify anything he wanted — just like previous presidents. The deep state likes to pretend that Executive Branch privileges and authorities existed only before and after Trump, but not during his term. That is a lie.

What’s more, there are plenty of people who are aware of just how big a lie that is.

In an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo over the weekend, former Trump national security figure Kash Patel addressed the issue.

“He can literally stand over a set of documents and say these are now declassified and that is done with definitive action immediately,” Patel explained.

Bartiromo then cited reports that a grand jury has been convened and espionage charges against the former president have been discussed, while asking another guest, former Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) — now CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group — to respond.

“Yeah, I think that’s another really important point that shouldn’t be lost on the American people today, and that is that they convened a grand jury against the former president of the United States,” the former lawmaker said.

“And they went into the grand jury looking at the president for treason as if he’s, And look, if that was the case, if he really was holding these these these documents, these so-called classified documents and documents, we even heard, you know, leaks of nuclear secrets that the president was holding. Well, that’s preposterous. And if that was true, you should have sent, they should have immediately sent and made this public and sent FBI agents around Mar-a-Lago if the nuclear secrets were really there,” he continued.

“But the fact that they convened a grand jury to accuse a president, again, this look, this is the second time, this never stopped. Remember, back in 15 and 16 is when they started first saying that he was colluding with Russians and Vladimir Putin and Republicans were all colluding with the Russians. They went to a grand jury with that,” he argued.

Donald Trump posted on his TRUTH Social account that the documents were “all declassified.”

“Number one, it was all declassified. Number two, they didn’t need to “seize” anything. They could have had it anytime they wanted without playing politics and breaking into Mar-a-Lago. It was in secured storage, with an additional lock put on as per their request…” Trump posted on TRUTH Social.


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