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CBS Mornings Blames Climate Change for Childhood Obesity


Mainstream media is blaming climate change for increased childhood obesity.

Yes, really.

Will they investigate GMOs in foods, a sedentary lifestyle, iPhones and iPads, or lockdowns for the childhood obesity epidemic?

No, the fake news media did your thinking for you and said climate change is causing children to become overweight.

Specifically, rising temperatures caused by climate change are adversely affecting childhood obesity.

Rising temperatures cause children to spend less time outdoors, according to the fake news media.

When in doubt, blame global warming for whatever problem is negatively impacting society.

“Today’s children are 30% less aerobically fit than their parents were at their age, a new study found,” CBS Mornings tweeted.

“The study points to climate change and rising temperatures adversely affecting childhood obesity, as children spend less time exercising outdoors.”

Watch this clip from CBS Mornings below:

COVID lockdowns promoted by public health authoritarians contributed to an increase in childhood obesity.

From Fox News:

A study posted in the National Library of Medicine documented the “significant” increase in body weight in children during coronavirus lockdowns and concluded that young people with pre-existing obesity, of Hispanic and African-American ethnicity and living in poverty suffered the most.

The study, published in July by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, combed through a biomedical literature database to assess “the extent and risk factors of lockdown-induced weight increase” as well as “the impact of obesity on the risk of hospital admission in children and adolescents.”

The study found that a “significant weight increase was reported in the majority of subjects” regardless of age and gender, particularly in children who were already struggling with weight issues.

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Check out the physical exercise regimen promoted at La Sierra High School in 1962.

Following WWII, there was growing concern about our decreasing fitness nationally. President Kennedy had grown up in a physical culture and greatly valued physical fitness. With JFK’s vision and support, we saw a short spike in national physical education programs again which faded significantly by the end of the 1960s and has continued to slide into what today has become a very unhealthy society.  Back in the early sixties, there was a legendary program by physical educator and coach Mr. Stan LeProtti in Carmichael, CA at La Sierra High School.  The “La Sierra System” was even featured in the January 1962 issue of Look Magazine.  *(Full article linked below)

The La Sierra System was based on a color system based on achievement.  The program did NOT use any machinery but only body weight, pull up bars, peg boards, ropes, etc.  It was focused on strength, endurance, power, agility, and balance. This system was adopted by 4,000 schools across the United States and was promoted as “the” system to adopt nationwide. There were progressive levels of ability groups: White (beginner), Red (intermediate), Blue (advanced), Purple (advanced-II), and Gold (physically gifted), and eventually they even formed an elite level called “Navy Blue.”

The La Sierra System was revered nationally not just for physical education–but also for the other values this system stressed to young men such as maintaining minimum grade standards in PE, neatness, grooming, and citizenship.

Watch the physical fitness regimens in action below.

Obesity was NOT an issue!


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