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Ted Cruz Takes His Shoes Off Live In Congress


How soon before we see the Twitter account “Ted Cruz’s Boot” created?

It’s coming, I can almost guarantee it.

Don’t know what I’m talking about?

Allow me to explain…

So a viral clip has been circulating where Ted Cruz took his boots off during a live session of CONgress and slammed it on the table.


I’ll get to that in a minute.

But what’s much more interesting to me than Ted Cruz’s boot is what he was really upset about and what should really be getting all the attention here instead of his boot.

So news recently broke that the FBI has a list of “Violent Extremism Militia” symbols.

Ooooh, they must be bad right?

Must be like swastikas and stuff like that?


No, it’s stuff like the Betsy Ross Flag and anything pro-2A (Second Amendment).

For real.

Take a look here:

Here’s a zoom in on those images…this is what the FBI thinks is “violent extremism”:

You mad yet?

You should be.

It’s exactly why Richard Grennell recently said the FBI and DOJ need to be cleaned out (and why I opined that they don’t need cleaned out as much as completely shut down):

QUOTE: “When Donald Trump Comes Back, We Must Clean Out The FBI and DOJ”

Now let’s get back to Ted Cruz’s boot.

So Ted was rightfully upset about this, asking Director Wray: “what in the world are you guys doing???”

Watch the moment he takes off his boot and slams it on the table below.

Why did he do it?

Because his boot has one of the “extremist symbols” on it.

Watch here:

And here:

Here’s a transcript:

Included in the document was the Gonzales Battle Flag, from one of the first battles of the Texas Revolution in 1835 between Texas and Mexico. Also known as the ‘Come and Take It’ flag, the Gonzales flag features a cannon with a star above and the aforementioned wording,” the report went on to say.

“I was particularly struck is the Gonzales Battle Flag — Come and take it — as indicative of being a violent extremist militia,” Cruz stated during his questioning of the FBI director.

“Well, I will self report right now [slams boot] that every day in the Senate, I wear my boots that have the Gonzales battle flag on the back of them,” the Senator stated.

“Director Wray, what are y’all doing? This makes no sense. Do you agree with this FBI guidance? That the Betsy Ross flag, and the Gadsden flag [from the American Revolution] and the Gonzales Battle Flag are signs of militia violent extremism?” he continued.

Backup here:

And yes, I realize this is a post from a Lib making fun of Ted, but honestly it’s a good question (must be rancid).  Watch the guy sitting next to Ted back away immediately:

After Ted’s boot stunt, many others are posting to Twitter self-reporting their own “violent extremism”.

Love this guy:

When the American institutions become nothing more than an enemy of the American people, they must not only be cleaned but completely shut down and dismantled.

We have no use for these people anymore or their targeted attacks on red-blooded, America-loving patriots.

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