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Google Denies Permission to Publish Simple Two-Question Survey About COVID-19 Experience and Myocarditis


“Google denied permission to use its Google Surveys platform to publish a brief survey about people’s experiences with COVID-19 and myocarditis, according to Steve Kirsch, executive director of Vaccine Safety Research Foundation,” The Defender reported.

Kirsch reported his findings Wednesday on his Substack Newsletter:

We tried to run a simple two question survey to find out just how safe or unsafe the vaccines are. Google refused to let us ask the questions.

Clearly, they don’t want anyone to know the truth. The only truth they want you to know is what the government tells you.

Here are the two questions Kirsch attempted to ask in his survey:

Kirsch said Google rejected both questions.

“Apparently, Google won’t let you ask any questions related to the COVID or the vaccines. Wow. Just wow,” Kirsch stated.


The Defender added:

Google Surveys also said the questions must be removed because questions involving “offensive, obscene, gruesome, hocking or distasteful content” are unallowed on their platform.

Questions about COVID and myocarditis deemed ‘offensive’

Google does allow its own survey data about COVID-19 on its Google Health platform.

Google Health — whose stated mission of “helping everyone, everywhere be healthier through products and services that connect and bring meaning to health information” — touts a “COVID-19 Open Data Repository.”

According to Google Health’s website, their data repository is “one of the most comprehensive collections of up-to-date COVID-19-related information to help public health professionals, researchers, policymakers and others in analyzing, understanding, and managing the virus.”

Google says the data come “from authoritative sources, gathered automatically as well as from volunteers and contributors, and is updated daily or more frequently.”

While Google is notorious for its commie-style information suppression, Kirsch reported that Nextdoor may be worse.

I posted this survey recently and it lasted a little more than 24 hours before Nextdoor removed it.

It showed the vaccine killed more people than COVID. This is stunning since people on Nextdoor are all pro-vaccine. I’m considered an evil person there. But look what the survey revealed (note that you had to pick the first one to apply):

That does not match what the CDC wants people to believe, so Nextdoor removed the survey. Now all you get is this:

*Images from Steve Kirsch*

I guarantee you, I didn’t delete the post.

So there you have it. Censorship that prohibits you from collecting any data that MIGHT show the vaccines are unsafe (Google), and censorship shortly after the data doesn’t come in supporting the government narrative (Nextdoor).

That’s how science works in 2022.

How many lives have our ‘Big Tech Overlords’ cost with their information suppression?

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