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“Ray Epps Recruited Me”: J6 Prisoner Writes Tell-All Letter That Debunks the “Official” J6 Narrative


Despite the fact that the FBI and January 6th committee have “cleared” Ray Epps from any alleged wrongdoing on J6, more evidence appears to suggest that he was a key player.

A newly released letter from a January 6th political prisoner alleges that he was “recruited” by Ray Epps.

In other words, this person would NOT have been involved in January 6th (let alone imprisoned) if it weren’t for Ray Epps.

How does that not count as “incitement”?

Why isn’t the J6 committee investigating this?

The Gateway Pundit published this narrative-shattering letter:

My fellow patriots,  

I’m a January 6th political prisoner being held in the DC-Gulag. My name is Sean McHugh. I’m being held in very inhumane conditions in the DOJ’s effort to try and make me plead guilty under duress. I believe they are trying to do this because I had direct contact as seen on video with Ray Epps, an individual who has been reported by multiple media sources to possibly have FBI connections and involvement for incitement. At the very least he appears to be a government cutout protected by a lawyer who was formally known as an employee of the FBI. In fact, the FBI has covered for him by scrubbing his name from the most wanted list for January 6th after real journalism exposed his identity.  

I encountered Ray Epps, the real de facto leader of January 6th 2021, multiple times while in D.C. I had coincidental contact with Ray Epps throughout the day and people who appeared to be working in concert with Ray Epps. Other than Capitol Police attacking peaceful protesters without provocation or warning, Ray Epps was more responsible for the for initiating the events that happened at the Capitol than anyone else. He is seen on video January 5th encouraging other patriots to go inside the Capitol which is the very inception of the whole idea to actually go inside. However, he is still not indicted or spent one day in jail. I’m actually the one labeled as the de facto leader of January 6th by the government and Chief Judge Howell of the DC Circuit.   

Here is a brief account of the morning of January 6th 2021. Some details are left out as I still face trial.  

On the morning of January 6th my mother, friend, and I were walking down Constitution Avenue toward Ellipse Park. I was talking into my megaphone something about Joe Biden when I was waived down by who I now know as Ray Epps. We walked over to Ray Epps and associates who were wearing military colors. He was yelling, “We are marching over to the Capitol at 1:00pm whether Trump is done speaking or not and we are going inside.”

Now I am facing decades in prison. I’m up against the full weight of the DOJ, the DC-Gulag, a very bias court circuit and the mainstream media lies with nothing but a court appointed lawyer who seems to be working against me. 

I wish to put Ray Epps on the stand to answer the tough questions. Why is Ray Epps not in jail for inciting the crowd or obstruction of congress or seditious conspiracy? Where is equal application of the law? Who was he there with? What were his motives and who does he work for? Why did he keep repeating that we need to go inside not only a day before January 6th but even after being met with police force outside the Capitol? 

Why am I being treated harshly and Ray Epps is free to go when he was clearly more involved in the events of January 6th? God bless America. Pray for justice pray for truth. 

Thank you for supporting my family and I during these hard times.   

Sean McHugh

Prisoner #378159

Why aren’t Sean’s claims being investigated?

There is already a lot of confusion and doubt around Ray Epps.

So why won’t the committee dive deeper into this shady character?

After all, they’ve spent weeks interviewing dozens of witnesses. What’s one more? Why won’t they interview Ray Epps publicly under oath? Why won’t they ask him about the contents of this letter?

It’s clear that Ray Epps was present on January 6th.

Not only is he on video, but he has been recorded inciting and encouraging violence.

Yet the media refuses to cover this man – and the so-called committee has “cleared” him from wrongdoing.

Doesn’t this sound a little suspicious?

DJHJ Media confirms:

Ray Epps approached Sean Michael McHugh on Constitution Avenue on January 6th. He told him, “You have a megaphone. You need to tell people the plans. We are going inside.” Now, McHugh is in the DC gulag and Ray Epps is a free man. Why is that? I think we all know the reason.

McHugh is a father of four and a California business owner. He has now spent 427 days in the DC gulag. He has been charged with 2 misdemeanors and several felonies and he is facing the loss of licensure and decades in prison.

McHugh has now written a tell-all letter that addresses his several interactions with Epps and what he witnessed Epps doing on that fateful day without fear of consequences.

Now here’s where things get interesting.

The claims that Ray Epps was a Fed is nothing new.

In fact, the people present in Washington DC were warning us the night before on January 5 that Ray Epps was a Fed!

The crowd was against him while he was trying to incite violence!

But while Ray Epps walks free, January 6th prisoners are being held in inhuman conditions.

They are in solitary confinement — and for many of them, they have reportedly been unable to even coordinate with their lawyers.

Does that sound like justice? Or does this sound like political games being played by the Biden regime?

Even DEMOCRATS are speaking out against the treatment of January 6th prisoners.

According to Politico:

And such treatment doesn’t sit well with Warren or Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), two of the chamber’s fiercest critics of solitary confinement.

“Solitary confinement is a form of punishment that is cruel and psychologically damaging,” Warren said in an interview. “And we’re talking about people who haven’t been convicted of anything yet.”

The Massachusetts Democrat, a member of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s leadership team, said that while some limited uses of solitary confinement are justified, she’s worried that law enforcement officials are deploying it to “punish” the Jan. 6 defendants or to “break them so that they will cooperate.”

Her sentiments are shared by Durbin, who also chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee and expressed surprise that all of the detained Jan. 6 defendants were being kept in so-called “restrictive housing.” While their defense of accused rioters’ rights as criminal defendants is unlikely to change the Justice Department’s handling of those cases, it’s a notable case of prominent progressives using their political clout to amplify their criminal justice reform calls even on behalf of Donald Trump supporters who besieged the entire legislative branch in January.

Durbin, who has long sought to eradicate solitary confinement, told POLITICO that such conditions should be a “rare exception,” for accused insurrectionists or any other prisoners.

So this raises the question: Why does the Biden regime think that they can get away with this?

Aren’t we a nation of “Innocent until proven guilty”?

What happened to those ideals?

While the January 6th committee continues to hold hearings, actual facts and allegations are being made against key figures like Ray Epps, but the committee appears intent on ignoring them.


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