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Kari Lake WON, Now We Just Have To #StopTheSteal [Election Update]


Hey, I feel like I’ve seen this movie before…

I have, and it wasn’t very good the first time around, I definitely don’t want to see it again!

I’m talking about the Election Pause in 2020 when we stopped counting ballots so that thousands could be trucked in over night and Biden could “win” the election.

I fear we are seeing the same thing happening right now, except signs this time are pointing to it NOT being successful.

Let me walk you through where we stand right now…

Earlier today, the results were so clear that many rightfully declared Kari Lake the winner:

Not only the winner, but she damn near won every single county in the whole state!

A runaway!

Lake herself claimed victory:

But many have still not called the race.

Does it surprise you at all to hear Fox News is one of them?

In fact, as I’m typing this report, they just made a HUGE error on live TV, claiming Kari Lake was now down.

That’s not true.

THIS is true:

So how did we get here?

Well, pretty simple…

Last night Kari Lake had a strong lead and all projections pointed to her winning easily.

And then?

Then this:


We all know what happened the last time they did this.

Magical boxes of “missing” votes appeared.

My whole life I always remember the votes were able to be counted the night of the election, and suddenly we just can’t seem to do that anymore?


In fact, their gameplan is now so obvious people were (correctly) predicting it before it happened:

The good news, though, is that everyone is seeing through the steal this time:

All day long the voting has been “stuck” at 80%….

I guess fake ballots are harder to come by these days?

Of course the culprit is Maricopa County.

Here’s what they posted to Twitter:

My favorite part of that Tweet though was the respones:

And here’s where the results still stand as of press time for this article.

According to the NY Times (for whatever that’s worth):

Here is a great update from BioClandestine:

Please help us sound the alarm so we can STOP THE STEAL!

I leave you with the most recent interview from Kari Lake after she had won.

Watch here on Rumble:

Got another update after the original posting of this article…and it’s good!



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