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Trump To Become The First “Hybrid” Candidate!


I was watching Dick Morris earlier today on Newsmax and I thought he had a really brilliant piece of analysis.

He says President Trump is set to become the first “hybrid” candidate.

What does that even mean?

No, it’s not like Joe Biden where he’s a hybrid of half-dead and half-amphetamines to try and animate that corpse.

I’m also not talking about Kamala Harris’ hybrid of half intelligence and half sleeping your way to the top (allllllegedly).

No, what Morris is talking about is a hybrid candidate between an incumbent and a challenger.

Usually you are one or the other but guess what?

Trump is going to get the benefit of BOTH!

He’ll be able to run on a platform of “I’ve been there before and here’s what we did!  We had $2 gas.  We were energy independent.  Not a single war or conflict on Trump’s watch.”

In other words, he can run brilliantly on the record of all he did.

And yet, he’s not (officially) in the White House right now, so he also runs as the challenger.

He gets to point out all the current failures of the Biden Regime.

$6 gas anyone?

Can’t afford to heat your home this winter?

At war with Russia, China and who knows who else will be added?

Morris makes a fantastic case for why President Trump is going to absolutely mop the floor with these losers.

Watch here:

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