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Here’s Why Biden Has No Chance Of Getting More Oil From The Saudis


Biden recently went to Saudi Arabia…

He went to go kiss the ring of the oil don in hopes that he and his cartel would produce more oil, but unfortunately for the resident-in-chief things just don’t work that way.

Barrels of oil aren’t government money—they can’t just be printed into existence.

According to sources, Saudi Arabia is reaching the upper limits of its oil-producing capacity. That capacity is said to be a maximum of 13 million barrels of oil per day.

What’s worse is that Saudi officials seem to have more sense than our own government by pointing out that the problem isn’t crude oil, it’s a lack of refining capacity in the United States.

In other words: bring manufacturing back home, and while we’re at it, why don’t we make a true bid to become the world’s premier nuclear-powered country?

Nuclear power means no more kissing rings, no more reliance on people committed to the degradation of human rights, no more concessions, no more oil wars, and hopefully no more leftist screeching about carbon emissions.

Take a look:

Zero Hedge tells readers:

WSJ’s energy correspondent Summer Said the Kingdom’s production stands around 10.5 million bpd and has a production capacity ceiling of 12 million bpd.

That means the potential output increase is only 1.5 million bpd. And another million bpd in five years.


Bloomberg writes:

It bears repeating: Saudi Arabia, the holder of the world’s largest oil reserves, is telling the world that in the not-so-distant future it “will not have any additional capacity to increase production.” Let that sink in.


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