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UK Data Reveals that Triple Vaxxed Children are 45 Times More Likely to Die from COVID than Unvaccinated


Every time we think we’ve finally moved on from COVID, new information reveals itself as to just how badly the alleged “vaccine” really is.

Things are especially bad over in Europe.

According to data from the UK, vaccinated children ages 10-14 are dying at an alarming rate.

The data reveals that triple vaccinated children in this age range are dying at a rate of 45 times more than normal.

Here is the data from Steve Kirsch’s newsletter on Substack:

Kids aged 10 to 14 are dying at a rate 45 times higher than normal

If the UK numbers are accurate, they need to halt the vaccines for ages 10 to 14 immediately because it is raising ACM for kids by a factor of 45 (G12/G5).

In other words, the vaccines are the most dangerous intervention in human history for this age group. It makes COVID look like rounding error:

COVID: 5% ACM increase
COVID vaccine: 4400% ACM increase

Kirsch concluded that the UK government needs to either admit that their data is wrong, or halt all vaccinations for that age group:

The UK government can’t have their cake and eat it too.

They have to make a decision. They must decide whether their numbers are garbage or whether to stop the vaccine for ages 10 to 14. Either way they decide, it’s a huge embarrassment for the UK government.

The right decision is to admit the truth that both are true: their numbers are fraudulent and they shouldn’t be vaccinating kids without data showing a clear benefit and their data shows the opposite.. That’s what I would do if I were in charge.

No matter how you look at it, the UK government has failed their people miserably.

All of the data shows as much.


The Guardian reports on the disastrous numbers from the UK:

The UK has the highest death toll in Europe in absolute terms, according to Our World in Data, and a death rate of 2,689 per million people. This rate is lower than the rates in Hungary, Italy or Poland but higher than the rates of Spain (2,295 per million), France (2,230) and Germany (1,704), according to figures from Our World In Data up to 12 July.

The UK’s excess mortality rate is also higher than other European averages, running at 2,098 per million people, almost twice that of Germany’s (1,117), according to Our World in Data.

Experts say the figures, though likely to be an undercount, reflect the impact of political decisions taken early in the pandemic. “Many people died from Covid in March and April 2020 where it was not recorded on the death certificate – probably in excess of 10,000. This underreporting was largely due to deaths in care homes when GPs were unable to get tests to confirm Covid,” said Paul Hunter, a professor in medicine at the University of East Anglia.

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