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Was Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Assassinated for Resisting Communism and COVID Tyranny?


By now, you’re probably well aware of the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

The Trump ally and staunch anti-communist leader was killed last week while campaigning in southern Japan.

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Assassinated?

Abe was Japan’s longest-serving prime minister and heavily influenced Japanese politics.

In addition to being a titan of anti-communism in Asia, Abe was a fierce opponent of COVID-19 mandates.

“During the final months of his premiership in 2020, Abe famously resisted the implementation of harsh Covid measures, achieving some of the world’s best results against the virus even as the rest of the world imposed strict lockdowns on China’s model. Abe resisted border controls and the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics and, prior to leaving office, wished for Covid’s official infectious disease categorization to be lowered to the same level as influenza. For this, Abe increasingly came under fire both domestically and internationally,” writes Michael P. Senger in his substack.

As Natural News noted, Shinzo Abe “supported the right of people to use ivermectin and other prohibited remedies.”

Last year, I noted how Japan’s usage of ivermectin put the Asian country in much better shape against COVID-19 compared to other nations.

COVID-19 Cases PLUMMET in Japan, Read the Analysis Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You

Unfortunately, Japan’s COVID-19 response has slowly drifted toward the international standard since Abe left office.

Michael P. Senger writes:

Since Abe left office, Japan’s response to Covid has drifted steadily closer to the international standard. Most mandates are still enforced socially rather than legally, but coupled with severe international entry requirements, some expats have dubbed this “lockdown in all but name.”

Though the assassin’s specific motives remain unclear, police have disclosed that he was motivated at least in part by a grudge against a “specific organization,” which a consensus of commentators believe was the Unification Church, a Korean religious movement heavily involved in anti-communist activism.

Abe’s grandfather had played a major role in establishing the early Unification Church in Japan. Chinese state media has denounced the Unification Church as a subversive “cult,” likening it to the Falun Gong religious movement. Some Chinese nationalists and other far-left commentators celebrated the news of Abe’s assassination.

Social Media Users In China Are Celebrating Assassination Of Japan’s Former PM

“Under his premiership, Japan gained geopolitical significance on the world stage, especially as a counterweight to China. For that reason alone, his death carries considerable symbolic import,” Senger noted.

One of the commenters on Senger’s post recalled how former Tanzanian President John Magufuli was a staunch opponent of COVID-19 measures.

“Tanzania’s president, Dr. John Magufuli suddenly died in April 2021. Known as the incorruptible president. Magufuli not only barred China from taking over his country, but ignored all the covid stupid measures that most of the world followed. He is probably the only world leader who had a PhD in Chemistry. Ask any African what happened to him, and they will immediately tell you that he was assassinated. The mainstream Western press loved to paint him as a kook,” the commenter wrote.

“Yes, you are correct about asking any Tanzanian on the street about what happened to their president. We have cousins who live there and they visited us this summer. They feel like they’re visiting an insane asylum when they come here as life is being lived quite normally in Tanzania. When the interim president Hassan came to their village, she was met with a crowd chanting “no vaccines,”” another commenter wrote.

Magufuli “openly mocked the tests, in fact, showing that papaya and various inanimate objects tested “positive” for COVID using PCR tests,” Natural News referenced.

Read more about Magufuli, the anti-lockdown rebel, in this post.

Did the Global Elite Kill Tanzanian President & Anti-Lockdown Rebel John Magufuli?

Like Magufuli, Abe also resisted COVID tyranny.

Was this, in addition to his staunch anti-communism, the reason for his assassination?

Mainstream fact checkers have already said such claims are baseless.


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