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Fake News MSM Fact-Checks a Meme!


You gotta love this…

These people are so detached from reality that the AP and Reuters just “fact-checked” a meme.

Yes, really.

You have to see this.

The far-left “fact checkers” (a term I always have to put in quotes) were so offended and so worried someone may not realize this was a meme that they had to put out an entire report “debunking” the meme.

Meanwhile, millions laughed.

Millions more slapped their foreheads in disbelief.

The poindexter “fact checkers” meanwhile were too busy congratulating each other on a job well done to even notice.

Take a look:


Here is the offending meme right here:

If you don’t know that’s a meme, I just have one question: how do you get through life?

No, really.

So you really think the ShinzoAbe Tweeted a meme phrase that “I have information that will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton”?


A meme that resurrects every time a famous person dies and the joke is they had dirt on the Clintons so they got added to the infamous Clinton Kill List (note to fact checkers: ALLEGEDLY!).

Here at WLT, we don’t ascribe to the “Clinton Kill List” we simply keep a list of people who have “mysteriously died” after being associated with the Clintons.

That’s all.

Nothing to see here.

Besides, who among us DOESN’T have 90+ friends and close acquaintances who have died suddenly and under mysterious circumstances?


Leave Brittany Alone!!!

But if you want to read the list, it’s right here:

Updated Clinton Kill List: The List of People “Who Mysteriously Died” After Being Associates With The Clintons [May 2022]

Now back to the story at hand and the all the great work these fact-checkers are doing.

In the interest of “getting the truth out there” and making sure no one believes the meme is a factual news story, we reprint the “fact check” right here from Reuters:

Social media users are sharing an image of what appears to be a tweet in Japanese and English from an account belonging to the former Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, who died on Friday from gunshot wounds sustained at a campaign event.

Reuters reporting on the assassination can be seen (here).

Examples of the image can be seen (here) and (here).

The image is purported to be a screenshot of a Japanese-language post on Abe’s verified Twitter account, alongside an alleged translation to English via Google.

The Japanese portion of the screenshot reads: “繰り返しになりますがですね、私.”

The purported English translation reads: “I have information that will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton.”

It is dated July 7, 2022 – the day before Abe was assassinated.

In comments, some Twitter users are unsure of the validity of the image, asking, “Is this real? I don’t see it on his Twitter” (here) and “Did Shinzo Abe tweet this???” (here), while many recognize it as a joke: “This is obviously a sick joke, but a funny one” (here) and a popular internet meme “How do you fall for a classic (and kinda true) internet joke” (here).

Reuters has previously factchecked the use of the same phrase following the deaths of prominent figures (here), (here).

The Twitter account shown in the photo does not belong to the former prime minister. It carries the handle @ShinzoAbe, while Abe’s official account was @AbeShinzo (, and it made no such post, according to an archived version of the account (here).

Moreover, the alleged English translation of the Japanese tweet does not match. It instead reads as: “As I mentioned before/once again, me”.

False. There is no evidence that the message depicted in the image came from an account owned by Shinzo Abe.

This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. Read more about our fact-checking work here .

My personal favorite part is “VERDICT: False” and I read it in a Tucker Carlson voice.

Perfect, right?

Hey “fact checkers” let me help you out, ok?

I’ll throw you a bone on this next one.

Please jump on this project next and do a deep dive “fact check” to let us know if this next one is really a Tweet from the Georgia Guidestones right before they got nuked or if it’s fake.

We need to know!

“Fact checkers” do NOT be deterred by the ifunny watermark at the bottom of that meme.

Heck, we don’t even know if it’s a meme!

Please run this through your “fact checking” process and report back to us immediately!

Millions could be misled!

God bless the “fact checkers”….we’re lucky to have them!

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