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Georgia Guidestones Destroyed By Bomb, Earthquake, Lightning or God: Watch The Exclusive Video Here!


By now, I’m sure you’ve heard that the Satanic Georgia Guidestones have been totally and utterly destroyed and demolished.

We don’t advocate for violence or destruction of property here at WeLoveTrump, but we’re not shedding any tears that these evil, Satanic monuments are gone!

How about you?

Now, in case you are wondering what the big deal is or why we’re so happy, you can READ THE FULL DETAILS HERE, but here’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Commandment #1 on the Stones read:  “Maintain humanity at 500 Million People.”

Now if you’re not paying attention, maybe you gloss over that and don’t realize the importance, but here’s the deal: there are about 8 BILLION (with a B) people on the Earth today.

In other words, 94% of the world population needs to, ummmm, “go away”.

Now does the jab make sense?

Now does the planned-demic make sense?

Now do all the food production facility fires make sense?

Now does the runaway inflation make sense?

As the Flyover Conservatives put it, that would be like walking into a room of 100 people and saying 94 of you need to die right now.

How do you think that would be received?


Not kindly!

But now I want to advance the story…

We all know the Satanic Stones are now but mere rubble (to dust you shall return!), but I want to take a deeper look into HOW and WHAT destroyed them.

We have the exclusive video.

The first explanation given by the “powers that should not be” was that it was an Earthquake…yes, really!

Then when people saw an explosion, the next talk was it was a bomb.

But now the official story is that it was a lightning strike.

Watch for yourself here:

More here from the GA Bureau of Investigation:


The Flyover Conservatives had a great show on Rumble breaking everything down….watch here:

Given that the official story is now lightning strike, many are pointing out this isn’t the only isolated event recently.

Remember this from the George Floyd mural?

And it’s not just those two…

It was also (another satanic symbol) the Obelisk in Vigan City:

Weird timing indeed:

So…what is an Obelisk and why do we find them all over the world?

Well, it turns out the reason it looks like a big old Eggplant Emoji (🍆) is because that’s exactly what it’s supposed to represent!

A wang.

From the Encyclopedia Brittanica no less:

According to the form of the myth reported by the Greek author Plutarch, Osiris was slain or drowned by Seth, who tore the corpse into 14 pieces and flung them over Egypt. Eventually, Isis and her sister Nephthys found and buried all the pieces, except the phallus, thereby giving new life to Osiris, who thenceforth remained in the underworld as ruler and judge. His son Horus successfully fought against Seth, avenging Osiris and becoming the new king of Egypt.

More here:

“Another telling goes like this, Nimrod/Osiris was killed by an enemy and his body was cut into pieces and sent out into his kingdom. Semiramis gathered all the parts and seemingly put them back together, except for his reproductive organ, which she could not find. She proclaimed that Nimrod could not come back to life without that missing part, and she had one made and set up in Babylon. “Semiramis quarried out a stone from the mountains of Armenia which was one hundred and thirty feet long and twenty five feet wide and thick… she brought it down the stream to Babylonia….” “The ancient Greek historian, Diodorus, reports that Queen Semiramis erected a 130-foot obelisk in Babylon and it was associated with sun worship and represented the phallus of the sun god Baal/Nimrod. Some Masonic researchers say that the word `obelisk’ literally means ‘Baal’s shaft‘ or ‘Baal’s organ of reproduction‘.” is . This particular obelisk is not found today, it is known as the Lost Obelisk of Babylonia. There are others. That missing part would later be represented by thousands of obelisks around the planet. The obelisk is still recognized as Osiris/Nimrod’s phallus, his sex organ of reproduction. One wonders why there is a huge obelisk in Washington, D.C., and one at the Vatican. There are obelisks in just about every important city and in every nation on earth. Why?”

To quote President Trump: “these people are sick!”

These people mock God but they take “their” religion very seriously.

They worship the ancient Egyptian gods which are none other than the fallen angels and Nephilim offspring written about extensively in your Bible.  Yes, the real Bible.  It’s all right there, start at Genesis 6:4 and then read every reference to “Giants” and all the “im” tribes in the Old Testament — the Rephaim, the Anakim, and on and on.

Ever wonder in the Old Testament why God ordered Israel to utterly wipe out and kill every man, woman and child when they would fight one of these tribes?

Seems a bit barbaric right, especially for God?

Unless….they weren’t human.

Unless they were hybrid Nephilim, an abomination of God’s creation — a race of giants hellbent (literally) on the killing humanity.

Now does the entire Old Testament suddenly start to come into much clearer focus?

Again from the Encyclopedia Brittanica:

Nephilim, in the Hebrew Bible, a group of mysterious beings or people of unusually large size and strength who lived both before and after the Flood. The Nephilim are referenced in Genesis and Numbers and are possibly referred to in Ezekiel. The Hebrew word nefilim is sometimes directly translated as “giants” or taken to mean “the fallen ones” (from the Hebrew naphal, “to fall”), but the identity of the Nephilim is debated by scholars.

I told you were were going deep on this one!

And now let’s end with one more stunner…

You may or may not already know this but I think it will take on new meaning now that you know all the rest of what we just discussed.

Now recall the George Washington Monument.

Have you ever realized what it is?

A giant Egglant Emoji wang Obelisk!

Imagine that!

Why do these people keep building giant Rooster symbols all over the world?

They must just really love giant tall erections?

Or, perhaps, and I’m just throwing this out there….or perhaps it’s deeply spiritual to them and they’re erecting (pun intended) giant monuments to Osiris/Nimrod to honor their Egyptian god worship.

Think all that stuff from ancient Egypt went away?

Think it’s all just fairy tales and mythology?

Wrong on both accounts.

Last question before we wrap this up:  why does the U.S. Capitol Building look EXACTLY like St. Peter’s Basilica and why is there a Washington-esque Phallic Obelisk in St. Peter’s Square?

Connect the dots folks.

Eyes wide open.

Red pills activated.

No going back.

Share this with your family and friends and let’s wake some people up!

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