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CERN Fires Up Again For First Time IN 3 Years, Aiming To “Open a Portal” On July 5th…


Hey, what could go wrong?

Ok this is going to be a wild one so buckle up!

It’s wild but it’s TRUE…and that’s what makes it so scary.

Let’s start at the beginning.

You’re probably familiar with CERN, also known as the The Large Hadron Collider in Geneva Switzerland.

You’re probably familiar with the story about why we need such a thing….

The story goes that for some reason we need to crash really tiny particles into each other at ridiculous speeds because that will tell us something about science.  Somehow.

Yet, many believe that’s not the case at all.

Many believe CERN exists for a much larger (and darker) purpose.

Essentially, to open a portal into another dimension.

Yes, really.

And in the opinion of this reporter, they’re right.

So here’s the deal…

CERN has actually been shut down for several years.

But it’s powering back up on July 5th and they’re dialing up the power to a level never before tested.

In fact, several magnitudes higher than “never before tested”.

I repeat: what could go wrong?

Think this is all nonsense?

It has Biblical precedence.

Remember Jacob’s Ladder?

Before we even get into that, let’s talk about some of the stuff “hidden in plain sight”.

Like the logo.

Is this the most obvious 666 of all logos?


And then we have the statue located outside the entrance to CERN.

What is the statue, you ask?

None other than “Shiva” the God of Destruction.

I can already hear what some of you are thinking right now:  Noah, that’s stupid! I don’t believe in Shiva!

Fair enough, but that’s not the point.

THEY do.

And they chose to put Shiva, the God of Destruction, outside the entrance to CERN.

Major cause for concern:

Essentially they want to destroy the whole universe to build it back up again.

Yes, really:

Here they are performing a ritual outside with Shiva:

They fired up the collider back in 2012 and this happened:

Yes, really.

Many people even believe the collider is responsible for the Mandela Effects that are often reported.

Like this one:

If you don’t know what the Mandela Effect is, I’ll have to cover that in a future article.

Suffice to say for right now, it’s FASCINATING!

Here’s more:

Here’s more:

And this is very accurate if you were to summarize what they are trying to accomplish:

Oh, and if this all sounds EXACTLY like the plot to Stranger Things (especially Seasons 2 and 3) then you’d be 100% correct.

More here:

Swiss Info had more on the story:

The restart of the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN laboratory near Geneva coincides with the 10th anniversary of the celebrated discovery by its researchers of the Higgs boson, a long-sought fundamental particle that gives mass to other subatomic components of the universe.

Scientists hope that increasing the energy and frequency with which protons collide in the LHC’s experiments, after accelerating almost to the speed of light in a 27km underground ring, will provide evidence for “new physics” — fundamental forces and particles that go beyond the so-called standard model, to which the Higgs boson gave a finishing touch.

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Thousands of physicists work on the LHC at the CERN headquarters close to the Swiss-French border and remotely from universities around the world.

Among other questions, they are hoping to discover why matter rather than anti-matter dominates the universe and to uncover the nature of “dark matter” — invisible to all scientific instruments so far developed — which is known to be more plentiful than conventional matter.

If you want a deeper dive, I’ve got you covered.

Watch this on Rumble:

And even more here:


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