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FED PONZI? Why Are “Elites” Getting $250 Million In Interest Payments PER DAY From The U.S. FED?


Say what now?

Stick with me on this one, there’s a lot to unpack and it gets a little complicated but this is going to make your blood boil when you see how all the pieces fit together.

While you and me and millions of other Americans are paying $5/gallon gas and starting to see inflation absolutely destroy our monthly budgets, the richest of the rich (the so-called “elites”) seem to just print new money and pay themselves all the interest.

Good work if you can get it!

Good work if you can make the money printer go BRRRRRRRRRR and direct all the new dolla-dolla-bills into YOUR bank account.

That is seemingly exactly what is going on.

ZeroHedge broke the story and did an excellent job breaking it all down.

With full credit to ZeroHedge, here’s how it works:

The Fed’s QE may be over, and QT may be just starting (it won’t last long), but don’t think the Fed free money giveaway is ending any time soon. In fact, for a handful of happy, mostly anonymous counterparties, the real free-money bonanza has just begun!

Case in point: the Fed’s reverse repo facility. While one can debate for hours why there is a record $2.330 trillion in cash parked at the Fed’s overnight facility and what it means for systemic plumbing problems, the fact is that there is a record $2.33 trillion in cash parked at the Fed’s overnight facility, doing nothing.


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