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Timothy Dixon’s Incredible Dream: “I’m Not Through With President Trump!”


I always love listening to the latest updates from Timothy Dixon.

Sometimes the dreams and visions God gives him are scary and present a bleak future…

And sometimes they are incredibly hope-filled and encouraging!

I think the reality of what our future holds will likely be a bit of both, but it’s SO good to hear the reports about how we eventually win in the end.

And “the end” is coming soon, according to Dixon.

This latest message is one of incredible hope.

I was so encouraged as I listed and I’m very excited to pass this on to you.

I never like to paraphrase Dixon too much, but I will give you a few highlights to get you excited before you listen…

First, he says Fox News will soon turn.

Now, historically Fox News was one of the only outlets that would present the “Republican” side of the story.

But in recent years, they’ve become almost indistinguishable from MSDNC and CNN.

So when Dixon speaks of a turning, he means a turning back to TRUTH and real journalism.

He says it won’t be a turning due to politics.  He says certain people at Fox News will become aware of things that are so horrific that they can’t turn a blind eye and they will feel compelled to report them.

And that will start the turning.

(Can you say Hillary’s computer and Hunter Biden’s laptop?) 👈 just my guess

Then he says in the dream President Trump was staring intently at a curtain.

He was waiting for the curtain to be pulled back.

And the essence of the curtain and the entire scene was that President Trump was watching everything going on very intently.

He was taking everything in, and watching to see what the next move would be.

Here’s the important part: even he did not know the exact path he would take to victory, but he was watching with laser focus, staying informed of everything, and calculating all the moves.

And then with God’s help and at the right time, he will move and the victory will come swiftly and will be big.

How’s that for exciting???

I told ya!

Ok, that’s just my recap but there’s way more in here and you need to hear it directly from him!

Please enjoy:

And because YouTube may take that down, I have a backup here for you on Rumble:


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