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CNN: America’s ‘Fastest-Growing Political Bloc’ Is Turning Away From Biden, Dems


Joe Biden and Democrats in general are becoming less popular across the board as America faces economic turmoil and societal discord brought on by leftist policies.

According to CNN analyst Harry Enten, however, one group of voters in particular seems to be leaning more toward the GOP with each passing day.

As he explained in a recent article:

Let’s start with the national polling. As I mentioned at the top, it’s hard to get national polling that tracks Asian voters specifically. I would therefore take these trends as preliminary.

Pew Research Center polling, however, does show that Biden’s standing with Asians has dropped precipitously. He’s averaged a 53% approval rating and a 47% disapproval rating (or a +7 net approval rating, without rounding) in 2022 data. Biden won Asian voters by 44 points in 2020, according to Pew data.

In other words, his net approval margin with Asian adults now is 37 points lower than his margin over Republican Donald Trump among Asian voters in 2020.

That’s far greater than the drop he’s had with the electorate overall. Biden’s net approval rating has averaged about -14 points this year in Pew polling. He won the 2020 election by a little less than 5 points, according to Pew data. That puts his net approval rating about 19 points lower than his margin over Trump in 2020.

Of course, Biden has a lot more to worry about than just losing the Asian-American vote.

When a Republican won in a heavily Hispanic congressional district in South Texas that had been under Democratic control for generations, she said that it was because Democrats had taken that voting bloc for granted.

According to Fox News:

Republican Mayra Flores, who last week won a South Texas seat held almost exclusively by Democrats for more than 100 years, discussed whether her historic win signals a red wave in November.

The congresswoman-elect argued on Sunday that the Democratic Party took voters in the district “for granted” and felt “entitled” to their vote. She went on to say that the party continuously made the same promises, but nothing had changed.

“I honestly had enough,” she said, explaining what prompted her to run for office.

Here’s a recent CNN clip in which Enten breaks down Biden’s dreadful approval rating:


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