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Hispanic Voters Are Going To Be The Downfall Of The Democratic Party


Life and war are full of surprises…

Democrats are encouraging unchecked migration at our southern border because they errantly believe that illegal immigrants will vote for them after being let in…

To me, this seems like a massive miscalculation on the part of the Democrat Party…Let me explain: Hispanics are typically family-oriented people, deeply Catholic, and embrace a hard-work ethos…

In other words, they’re deeply conservative—far more conservative than many Americans who claim to be.

Anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes around Hispanic people, or has gone to a Hispanic country knows this to be the case.

Liberals and Democrats truly believe that Hispanics are a voting block that permanently belongs to the party—an entrenched pillar that could never come under the influence of right-wing, conservative politics.

However, we are already beginning to see this long-held truism fracture all around the country, and the recent victory of Mayra Flores is further evidence of this.

Flores tells the media the Democratic Party has “walked away from the Hispanic community”, and she is spot on with this statement.

The destruction of the family, the denial of the biological basis of gender, and the near-criminalization of devout Christians are among just some of the things championed by Democrats which don’t sit well with Hispanic voters…

How Democrats have missed this I am not sure, but it just goes to show how ignorant they truly are regarding the minorities they purportedly champion and understand.

Flores recently became a darling of ‘conservative’ corporate outlets like Fox and wasted no time in calling out America’s left-leaning party:

Fox News had more on the story:

McDaniel said that Flores’ husband is a border agent, and she ran on conservative values. Furthermore, McDaniel added that Flores was not expected to win in Cameron County because it usually favors Democrats in the double digits.

“Democrats should be very, very worried about what we’re seeing with Hispanic voters.”


The Texan provided more details:

The voting population included in District 34 under the current map leans 54 percent Democratic based on data from the past two general elections. But the voting population of the newly adopted district map leans 63 percent Democratic.

In other words, if Vela had not retired and triggered a special election, his replacement would have been decided in November by a more Democratic voting population than what the district currently includes.


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