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Kavanaugh Neighbor Says Pro-Abortion Protestors are Threatening Residents; “F*ck You and F*ck Your Children”


A neighbor of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh described how pro-abortion protestors have threatened homeowners and disrupted their lives.

The neighbor, who spoke anonymously to Fox News, said protestors have marched multiple times a week down their street and “aggressively” disrupted the area since the leak of the intention to overturn Roe vs Wade.

They’ve reportedly made threats to other neighbors, telling them “f*ck you and f*ck your children.”

The neighbor said it was overwhelmingly people from outside the area who were organizing the protests.

“They are people who come from out of the area. They have a staging point in a parking lot fairly nearby,” the neighbour noted, adding that they come specifically at 7pm because they know that is when parents are trying to get their young children to bed.

The protestors typically appear two evening days a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

“That’s when people are putting their kids to bed, there’s little kids who live on the street. It’s a horrific experience,” the source said.

“It’s not great if you have kids of any age, but it’s unbelievably stressful and the kids are very upset, the kids have to be sent inside and it’s so loud you can’t put your kids to sleep.”

“They picked the exact time and they don’t care,” they said.

“Literally, there’s no way on a Wednesday night you can put your kid to bed.”

“They have drummers, they have a megaphone, and they chant, they yell all kinds of things… They have told neighbors ‘f— you, f— your children, things like that – and so they’re abusive toward the neighbors and intimidating,” the neighbor added.

The neighbor also says that police are doing very little to stop the disruption.

Fox News reported:

The resident notes that there are noise ordinances that limit things like leaf blowers, and yet those ordinances are apparently not followed by the protesters.

“What we’ve also been told is that this is ‘behaving within the bounds of the law’ and the only law that could be enforced is the federal law that they’re not supposed to protest outside the home of judicial officers, but the federal partners declined to enforce that law,” they said.

The neighbor stressed that the lots are relatively small, meaning the houses are right up near the street where the protesters are yelling and chanting.

“There’s nowhere to go to get away from it,” they said. “I think people are very concerned that if there isn’t action taken, that this will escalate in a way that is very unpredictable and very unsafe and that’s what’s so discouraging, is the fact that there just doesn’t seem to be anyone in a position of leadership or authority who is considering those issues and acting on them and  trying to look for a solution rather than just allowing this possibly to escalate.”

Officials have expressed concern about the security situation related to the leak of the draft opinion. A recent Homeland Security Department report said the draft opinion has unleashed a wave of threats against officials and others and increased the likelihood of extremist violence. That was highlighted on Wednesday when Nicholas John Roske was arrested early Wednesday near Kavanaugh’s house in Maryland after threatening to kill the justice. Police said he was carrying a gun, a knife and zip ties.


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