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FLASHBACK: Biden to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts in 2005, “Can a Microscopic Tag be Implanted in a Person’s Body to Track His Every Movement?” (WATCH)


Did Joe Biden publicly discuss microchipping people nearly 20 years ago?

During the confirmation hearing of Chief Justice John Roberts in 2005, then-Senator Joe Biden brought up a peculiar ‘hypothetical’ situation for the judge to decide in the future.

“Can a microscopic tag be implanted in a person’s body to track his every movement,” Biden asked Roberts.

“There is actual discussion about that. You will rule on that, mark my words, before your tenure is over.”


The clip of Biden’s microscopic tag comment was saved by a user on C-SPAN’s website.

Biden acknowledged there’s actual discussion on microchipping people, thus he indicated his full awareness of the New World Order agenda to track every person’s movement.

Of course, the ‘fact check’ sites said Biden’s comments in no way exposed an agenda to microchip the masses.


The social media posts attempt to use the clip as evidence that Biden confirmed an “agenda to microchip the masses” 15 years ago. However, after reviewing the transcript of the 2005 confirmation hearing, the Daily Caller News Foundation found Biden was not announcing a supposed “agenda” for microchipping people.

The then-senator instead brought up a “microscopic tag” as a futuristic hypothetical example of an issue Roberts and the other Supreme Court justices could one day have to rule on. Immediately after that remark, Biden put forward another hypothetical scenario, saying, “Can brain scans be used to determine whether a person is inclined toward criminality or violent behavior? You will rule on that,” according to C-SPAN footage of the hearing.

At no point during Biden’s questioning of Roberts does Biden express support for microchipping the masses, the transcript of the hearing shows. The two hypothetical examples came amid a larger argument Biden made that broader interpretation of the Constitution is needed to protect people’s rights such as privacy.

“Like the Founders, I believe our Constitution is as big and as grand and as great as its people,” Biden said. “Our constitutional journey did not stop with women being barred from being lawyers, with 10-yearolds working in coal mines, or with black kids forced into different schools than white kids, just because in the Constitution nowhere does it mention sex discrimination, child labor, segregation. It does not mention it. Our constitutional journey did not stop then, and it must not stop now, Judge.”

Who remembers Aaron Russo discussing the RFID human implant chip?

But the fact checkers told us Biden wasn’t exposing an agenda to microchip people.

Everyone knows they’re such ‘trustworthy’ sources of information.


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