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Update From The Hospital On Dr. Zelenko’s Health


For about three weeks now, dozens of you have been emailing me asking for an update on Dr. Zelenko’s health.

I’ve been searching but I haven’t posted because I didn’t have one.

Today I have one and unfortunately it is not good.

Sources close to me say he is close to death, and Dr. Zelenko himself says as much in a 3 part video from his hospital bed.

In case you haven’t seen the prior updates and don’t know what I’m talking about, a few weeks ago Dr. Zelenko was rushed to the hospital in bad shape…

Here is the original article we posted when he was first admitted:

Then he posted an update a few days later that you can watch here on Rumble:

And today I FINALLY have a brand new update for you.

But it’s not good.

He has multiple conditions all stacked up on each other and any of them could be fatal.

In short, it’s not good and short of a miracle it looks GRIM.

Here is Part 1:

I’m not going to nitpick while he’s in the hospital, but there was one thing he said that caught me a bit off guard…he referenced the Talmud, and for those of you familiar with the Talmud it is, how shall I say this…not a good book!

I’ll leave that for an article for another day or you can Google it yourself.

But that’s not the main point of the story.

Talmud or not, Dr. Zelenko is a great man and his situation is dire.

Here is Part 2:

And here is Part 3:

Some good news is he is starting a Foundation to continue his brave work.

Watch here on Rumble:


He has done so much for all of us and our health!

Speaking of health, let’s honor Dr. Zelenko and get some more of his truth out as long as we’re here…

Sound good?

Read on….👇

Did you take the poison vaxx and now regret it?

Wondering what can be done — if anything?

Are you looking for any way to strengthen your immune system and restore it to prime performance?

Allow me to connect you with our good friend Dr. Zelenko.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s work to protect the immune system has led to a new breakthrough: Z-Dtox.

Your immune system can be weakened by over 300 different primary immunodeficiency disorders, poor diet, lack of sleep, and adverse reactions to various vaccines.

That’s where Z-Dtox comes in…

Z-Dtox is Dr. Zelenko’s proprietary combination of EGCG, NAC, Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

If you or a loved one has a compromised immune system as a result of their lack of a healthy lifestyle or if they suffer from adverse vaccine side effects – it’s time to try Z-Dtox (ordering through this link and the links below benefits We Love Trump).

Here is Dr. Zelenko explaining the benefits of Z-Dtox (transcript is below):

From the video:

“Z-Dtox is a nutritional supplement and immune booster. It has something called “N-A-C” in it, which is wonderful in preventing blood clots. Lately that’s been an issue with certain people. And N-A-C functions as an antioxidant, which prevents oxidative stress from infections – it helps the immune system clear infections.

It has EGCG which is a very powerful green tea extract and functions as a zinc ionophore. Which allows for zinc to get into the cells in the right concentrations, thus inhibiting the common RNA viruses such as COVID and influenza and RSV and maybe, potentially, even Marburg.

And since a lot of people’s immune systems are dysregulated at this point – either overactive or underactive – it’s nice to provide patients with a tool that allows for the clearance of these common viruses without the use of the immune system, which is already damaged.

And so, while the long-term solution is the rebooting of their immune system – that technology is coming in next two to three years – but until then, to provide a bridge to the patients who have the dysregulated immune system – or are at risk of blood clots – I created Z-Dtox to detox them from the complexities and excessity of the world.”

To order Z-Dtox directly from Dr. Zelenko, click here.

When you get to the checkout, look for this box:

Put code “WLT” in that box for a discount!



  1. I cannot promise how long these will remain in stock…(especially if he passes)

  2. I am not a doctor.

  3. I am not promising this will treat or cure any disease or illness.  I just believe in feeding our body the vitamins and minerals and supplements it needs to give it the best fighting chance to be healthy — and I trust Dr. Zelenko!

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