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REPORTS: FBI Caught Running a Rogue SCIF At Perkins Coie Law Firm


“Wild” seems to be a relative term in our world today.

Each day seems to add something new, something previously unimaginable to our daily lives.

Doesn’t it feel like that?

Exhibit A, this is “wild” even by the Biden Family standards:

Confirmation: Hunter Biden Uploaded His Own Videos to PornHub, Texted Links to “Dad” on His Phone

And now let’s tackle another one that is something I never thought I would ever see.

The FBI has reportedly been caught running a SCIF out of the high-powered Perkins Coie Washington D.C. law firm.

That was all exposed in the Sussmann trial, but it didn’t get nearly enough attention so now we’re covering it and blowing it wide open!

First of all, let’s define what a SCIF is.

According to ScifGlobal:

Now understand that the FBI reportedly had one set up in a D.C. law firm.

How is this even legal?

Read this:

Rogue SCIF?

Rogue Law Firm?

Rogue FBI?

What kind of a country are we living in folks?

I completely agree with this one — not much surprises me anymore, but this rises to the top of the list:

Brian Cates weighs in:

The only other news source I can find actually reporting on this so far is the Conservative Treehouse, who always does great work:

There is very little that surprises me, but this is completely stunning. An FBI whistleblower came forth to inform Rep Jim Jordan and Rep Matt Gaetz that the FBI maintains a workspace inside the law firm of Perkins Coie. {Direct Rumble Link}

In response to a letter sent by Rep. Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan, Perkins Coie, the legal arm of the DNC and Hillary Clinton, admitted they have been operating an FBI workspace in their Washington D.C. office since 2012. Pay attention to that date, it matters. WATCH:

This is a huge development. Essentially, what is being admitted in this claim is that a portal existed into FBI databases within the law firm that represents democrats. This means access to FBI database searches exists inside the office of the DNC and Clinton legal group. Think about the ramifications here.

CTH has long claimed there was some kind of direct portal link between the Clinton campaign team and the FBI databases. There were too many trails of extracted non-minimized research evidence in the hands of the Clinton team that CTH could not trace to a transferring FBI official. If Perkins Coie operated a portal in their office that allowed them to conduct search queries of American citizens, then everything would make sense. That access portal is exactly what is being claimed and admitted in this report.

The start date of 2012 is important for several reasons, not the least of which is FISA presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer criticizing the scale and scope of unlawful FBI database access going back to exactly 2012. Keep in mind a FISA-702 search, is simply an unlawful FBI warrantless electronic search of an American (“702” represents the American citizen) into the central database -maintained by the NSA- that contains all electronic data and communication.

I have been in the deep hole of the FISA-702 database search query violations for so long I don’t even need a flashlight.

The report from Matt Gaetz about Perkins Coie access to FBI databases, is in direct alignment with Rosemary Collyer’s prior report on FBI abuses of the database, 702 violations. Notice the dates and scope Judge Collyer references [Source Link].

Non-compliant queries since 2012.

85% of the FBI and contractor searches are unlawful.

Many of those searches involved the use of the “same identifiers over different data ranges.” Put in plain terms, the same people were continually being tracked, searched and surveilled by querying the FBI database over time.

The non-compliant searches go back to 2012. The same date mentioned for the FBI portal to begin operating inside the Perkins Coie office.

Remember when President Trump said they “illegally tapped my wires”?

Looks like he was right again!

And it was far worse than even he expected…

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