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NSA Chief Confirms U.S. is Waging Cyber Warfare Against Russia


Gen. Paul Nakasone, a chief with the NSA has gone on the record that the United States has engaged in cyber warfare against Russia.

You heard that right, a ranking member of the NSA has openly admitted to something that just a few short years ago would have been redacted and thrown in a safe deep in the bowels of Langley. Check out this snippet from Rebel News with the details.

U.S. military hackers are participating in cyber warfare efforts against Russia in support of Ukraine, the chief of the U.S. Cyber Command has confirmed.

Speaking to Sky News in an interview on Wednesday, Gen. Paul Nakasone confirmed that the United States military has conducted a series of operations “across the full spectrum; offensive, defensive and information operations.”

Apparently the cyber divisions of our military have been throwing the entire playbook at Russia. If you think hearing about this on the news is weird, it is. It’s also dangerous for U.S interests and national security.

Nakasone’s remarks are the first time the United States has openly admitted to participating in cyber warfare against Russia in support of Ukraine, and it also sets a dangerous precedent that opens the door for Russian state hackers to conduct similar operations against the United States on its infrastructure and intelligence networks.

This is indeed dangerous because what the administration is admitting is that we, the United States have initiated conflict with a sovereign nation. That seems an awful lot like the justification Putin would need in order to retaliate. Even a proportional response would mean a cyber attacks on American power and infrastructure or even extend to attacking private US companies.

Of course, General Nakasone has stated that all these actions were for our protection. After all, Russians are the bad guys. Infuriating is that rather than provide solid justification for the actions of the Biden administration to carry out these operations, the general resorted to “Trust us, we’re the good guys”.

Nakasone, who is also the director of the National Security Agency, provided no details about the cyber warfare operations but insisted that they were lawful and conducted with civilian oversight through the Department of Defense.

The general says that he is concerned “every single day” about the risk of a Russian attack against the United States and that the actions of the U.S. Cyber Command were done as a means to protect America as well as its allies.

“My job is to provide a series of options to the secretary of defense and the president, and so that’s what I do,” he stated.

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It’s important to point out that last statement. None of this is done without Biden’s green light. That cannot be forgotten. Engaging in any form of warfare with another nation can’t happen without the person sitting in the Oval Office knowing.

So that begs the question, why are Joe and his team so open and transparent about what they’ve been doing with their cyber operations? Why tie it so strongly to America’s efforts to help Ukraine? Judging from the language the general uses in his interviews and in his statement in front of Congress back in April, they desperately want Americans to believe we have the moral high ground. I mean look at this:

Nakasone claims that Russia, which also conducts information operations, does so by telling lies, while the United States intends to tell the truth.

Well, answers may be surfacing as this story continues to develop. Former analysts, hackers and even members of the NSA have been coming forward and admitting that America is not prepared or protected in the event of full on cyber warfare. To Conservatives and others that have simply been paying attention, they know this to be true.

President Trump continually and repeatedly pushed to beef up our national cyber security. Congress fought him every step of the way and now with Joe Biden, practically zero has been done to fortify the nation from the threats of cyber warfare.

It could be that the reason Joe and his team are pushing the cyber narrative now is because someone is getting ready to create a crisis that demands another large spending bill to “fix”.


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