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Close to 180,000 died within 60 days of COVID-19 Vaccination According to ONS in England


In a stunning admission coming out of England, recently released data reveals that close to 180,000 people died within 60 days of taking the vaccine. Natural News has detailed these findings.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) in England revealed that a total of 69,466 people died within 28 days and 178,874 people died within 60 days of getting injected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine between January 2021 and March 2022.

These numbers are startling and it’s no wonder they were kept out of the public eye for so long. Most people would have likely reconsidered the vaccine if they were allowed to view this data sooner. It would have been very difficult for the mainstream media to bully people into taking the jab as well.

Hiding the fact that nearly 200,000 people died with a close correlation to receiving the vaccine seems almost criminal.

This report was released on the 16th of May after countless requests from concerned parties wanting to know exactly what was happening once people took the vaccine. If it weren’t for their persistence, we might not have known.

ONS published the data on deaths by vaccination status on May 16. The report included a chart titled “Number of Deaths within 28 Days of COVID-19 Vaccination in England.”

The total fatalities were broken down to 7,953 people who died positive for the virus and 61,513 people who expired due to other causes within 28 days of vaccination. During the same timeframe, a total of 14,049 people died from coronavirus and a total of 164,825 people died from other causes within 60 days of vaccination.

The data was released following dozens of Freedom of Information inquiries made to various government institutions requesting to know the number of people who died after receiving the jabs.

This data is welcomed by many here in the US because the CDC has been very tight lipped about releasing their own data regarding deaths immediately following vaccination. One thing many can agree on, we aren’t being told the truth in the numbers and statistics the government is providing.

The report uncovered another interesting data set regarding COVID related deaths in general in the UK.

Moreover, the U.K. Health Security Agency‘s vaccine surveillance report indicated that 92 percent of all the pandemic-related deaths in England in March were among the vaccinated population.

Not only does the data show massive die-offs shortly after taking the vaccine but a whopping 92% of ALL COVID deaths are happening to the vaccinated! That means that unvaccinated persons only made up 8% of all COVID-19 related deaths. Seems like the vaccine was creating the opposite desired effect.

The article went on to reveal the reason why governments including ours were so hesitant to provide detailed numbers and more exhaustive data sets to the public. As many might guess, they only provided us with numbers that could be easily manipulated to fit their agenda and support their oppressive restrictions.

Dr. Norman Fenton, Risk Information Management professor at Queen Mary University of London, criticized the governments around the world for manipulating the COVID-19 pandemic data when he guested on “The Defender Podcast.”

“It was clear from the start that most of the data that governments put out ­– not just the UK government, but most governments around the world ­– were kind of misleading because it was based on very easily manipulated statistics,” Fenton told the host Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

It’s now become clear from this report and others that have been released that world leaders and government agencies messed up royally.

The research showed the virus was more widespread than people assumed, but nowhere near as dangerous as was being claimed.

At the end of the day, it seems very clear that the numbers we were initially provided by the CDC and government officials were deeply skewed and manipulated to fit their narrative especially when it came to the safety of the vaccine.

He added that the information concerning deaths following vaccination also was manipulated as part of the official claim that the vaccine was the only way to keep people from becoming seriously ill and dying.

The report released on May 16th is many pages long and it’s supporting documentation is even more expansive than that. As more researchers and investigators dig further into the data, more bombshells will likely be coming. Of course, the higher ups don’t want us to get this data.

As of the time of this writing, “Corrections” have already been made to the initial report. Here’s a screen grab of the notice that revisions have been made. Might be a good idea to get your hands on a copy before it get’s “corrected” even more.

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