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Biden To Make Major Televised Address To American Public Tonight


Well, the pieces are coming together in the way that many conservatives knew they would. In response to the recent tragedies involving mass shootings, Joe Biden will be taking to the airwaves to address the nation about the need for gun control.

The Star Tribune offered the following details:

President Joe Biden is delivering an address to the nation Thursday night about the latest wave of mass shootings, attempting to increase pressure on Congress to pass stricter gun limits after such efforts failed following past outbreaks.

The White House said the president would address “tragic mass shootings, and a need for Congress to pass commonsense laws to combat the epidemic of gun violence that is taking lives every day.”

It seems that all the major networks are on-board to broadcast the address which will be happening this evening.

All major broadcast networks planned to break away from regular programing to carry Biden’s remarks at 7:30 p.m. EDT, before the start of primetime shows.

The White House has released some of the details about what we can expect in the address. What they won’t tell you is that Biden is choosing to wash his hands of the whole situation. Check out what their press secretary had to say and then we will explain how the speech tonight is Biden turning tail and running from the problem.

“He’s going to renew his call for action to stop the epidemic of gun violence that we’ve seen in Uvalde and in Tulsa and in Buffalo in just a few short weeks,” said press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. She said Biden did not plan to announce any new executive actions and that “tonight’s speech is going to focus on what Congress needs to do.”

Notice the last part of that statement. After weeks of one tragedy after another, Joe is not announcing any new executive orders to deal with the situation. The very same person that was so eager to use executive orders to ban oil drilling is now all of a sudden shy to do so? While we can all agree that legislating by executive order is not a long term solution, it has historical been used as a stop-gap measure until Congress can get something more substantial put in place. It seems that Biden can’t even be bothered to get a staffer to write up something.

And then there’s this quote that is worthy of re-quoting.

Tonight’s speech is going to focus on what Congress needs to do.”

So let’s get this straight. In a time when a grieving nation needs strong leadership and guidance, Joe’s decision is to pass the buck to Congress? To have those guys figure out what to do? That’s not leadership, that’s cowardice.

We all remember the images of President Trump sitting in the Oval Office with Democrats that hated his guts to hammer out deals. Why did he do that? Because he knew he needed to figure out a way to lead regardless of how hard it was.

It gets worse. Here’s what else the press secretary had to say about Joe’s strong leadership during this time.

“It’ll be basically making sure that his voice is out there and calling to action and making sure that the American people know that he’s still continuing to speak on their behalf,” she said.

It’s okay America, Biden apparently just wants you to know that “his voice is out there” rooting for you. I can’t get over how weak-wristed these White Houses statements are. So what is the point of all of this?

Well, we know what Nancy Pelosi’s hope is in all of this. Her desire is that a national address from Joe will get Congress over the line in passing her unconstitutional gun reform bill. As of the time of this writing, the Senate doesn’t have enough votes to pass whatever Pelosi gets through. She’s banking on Joe galvanizing the public to pressure the Right into conceding.

The private discussions in the Senate, which is split 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans, are not expected to produce the kinds of sweeping reforms being considered by the Democratic-led House — which has approved expansive background checks legislation and will next turn to an assault weapons ban.

It’s clear that the Left is making a major push to pass the type of oppressive, illegal gun legislation they have always dreamed of. While the left may be on board, these weak, sad, milk-toast statements coming from the White House make it clear that this is not a fight that Joe Biden wants any part of.

And that’s what this whole nationally televised spectacle is all about. Nancy and the Left are forcing an old man to get out there on stage to pedal their garbage legislation. At the same time it seems that while Joe can’t say no, he’s planning to do the bare minimum so that he can go back into his basement nap pod where no one can disturb him.

We will know instantly by the type of energy Joe comes out with tonight. But the odds are good that we are in for another episode of watching an old man rant while shaking hands with invisible people and nothing more.

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