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Elon Musk Crushes AOC in Progressive Poll Asking Who Voters Trust More


Elon Musk has been having a field day with the Left’s agenda over the last few months and it’s triggering progressives everywhere. Long before his move to purchase Twitter, Musk has been a constant source of trolling of people from all walks of life from billionaires to politicians.

Take his ongoing feud with left-wing billionaire darling, Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon for example.

Musk has raised his trolling to an art form that very few people can match. No matter the net worth or decades in public office, no one is immune. One Elon’s favorite targets has been Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The under-qualified often whiny representative from New York has been punching out at billionaires and the wealthy every since she was on the campaign trail. In fact, the wealthy are her scapegoat of choice when it comes to avoiding blame for her failing district in New York. While most just ignore her, AOC has found a rival that won’t back down in the form of Musk.

They’ve gone back and forth for years but in the last few weeks, this feud has hit fever pitch in hilarious fashion. A few weeks ago, AOC made headlines when she declared she wanted to get rid of her Tesla because she was disgusted with Elon Musk.

Yes, the Tesla AOC is referring to is the exact same one she was caught parking illegally outside of a Whole Foods.

While this was the match that lit the fuse, what happened next was like a sucker punch to Left in the arena of pop culture. On May 26th, Elon took to Twitter with a poll directed at AOC and her credibility as a leader. Trending Politics shares some of the details.

Elon decided to hit her with a Twitter poll, mustering his followers, supporters, and the honest opinions of random people on Twitter who happen to see what he posts, to crush AOC. Tweeting out a poll with the comment “.@aoc I dare you to run the same poll with your followers“, Elon asked people if they trusted billionaires or politicians less.

As you can see, the billionaires won the poll dramatically, with people distrusting politicians far more than the billionaires.

Here’s the results of the poll that the report mentions:

Of course the response from the Left was predictable. They dismissed the poll as being biased and false. Many in the media and online tried to dismiss the results saying that it was simply a stunt pulled by Elon’s army of ignorant supporters and trolls. It is interesting to note that AOC refused to take up Elon’s challenge  of posting the poll for her followers to prove him wrong.

So with that, Elon pretty convincingly asserted his dominance over the socialist congresswoman and showed that Americans, much as they might dislike oligarchs, sure like them more than corrupt, slimy politicians.

Things get even better. It turns out that the Left whole heartedly drink their own kool-aid. Many are so indoctrinated by their own lies and propaganda  that they lack all self awareness of what America really believes and values. A well known Left-wing media personality, Occupy Democrats writer David Weissman finds this out first hand.

While AOC was too cowardly to take up Musks’ challenge, David Weissman decided to post the poll to his left-wing Twitter audience in an attempt to debunk and humiliate Elon Musk’s results.

But it didn’t end there. AOC supporter and Occupy Democrats writer David Weissman decided to try to “clap back” by directly asking his followers if they supported AOC or Elon Musk more in a poll. For reference, David Weissman says in his profile that he used to be a Republican and supporter of President Donald Trump, but that he is now a “proud liberal Dem.”

Weissman posted the poll to his Twitter declaring

Let’s prove how phony the right’s ridiculous polls are by doing one of our own. Who do you trust more”

Things did not go as planned. In fact, it was a total backfire. Here are the results of Weissman’s poll.

To Weissman’s credit, he did not delete the poll and in fact accepted his defeat.

Not sure how this poll flipped but I won’t delete it and will take the L.

Elon Musk graciously took a victory lap by responding to the poll. To both their credits, they showed each other a decent amount of respect for what was initially meant to be an attack on each other’s credibility.

While there is major entertainment value in watching the Left get called out by their own audience, this also points to the fact that progressives are in hot water leading up to the August and November elections. In fact, based on some reports, Democrat campaigns are frantically trying to rebuild a base of support for their candidates that clearly isn’t there anymore.

With Joe Biden’s approval numbers the lowest of any sitting President in half a century, it’s clear that while the liberal elite still drink their own propaganda, even left-leaning Americans have had their fill.

Things might seem like they are getting worse, but these cultural flashpoints may hint at things turning around politically very soon.






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