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Biden’s DOJ Has Filed Appeal to Restore Federal Mask Mandate for Planes and Public Transportation


If you were worried that the Biden administration had run out of ways to make your life more difficult, you don’t have to worry. After less than a month of many finally being able to breath on airplanes, buses and public transportation, Joe’s Department of Justice has decided to file an appeal to get masks back on our faces.

If you recall, the issue went all the way to federal court where they correctly ruled that the mandates were a violation of American’s fundamental First Amendment rights. It wasn’t just the mask requirement that was at issue. Twitter and other social media platforms are filled with countless videos of law enforcement and social activists using the mandate as a way to harass and mistreat those that chose to go without a mask. It wasn’t about safety, it was clearly about having an excuse and cover for government overreach.

Thankfully, constitutional patriots such as the federal judge in Florida that struck down the mask mandates are not afraid to take a stand.

There was much rejoicing in the aisles of airplanes all over the nation. It was such a momentous occasion that even the Wall Street Journal had to take time away from whatever they were doing to report on it. Here’s a clip of passengers rejoicing after the CDC finally relented to the judge’s ruling.

Of course Joe and his DOJ waited all of 24 hours before filing an appeal for the court to reconsider the throwing out of their tyrannical mandate. Trending Politics has more on the details.

After nearly a day when the Biden administration appeared to concede the defeat, it vowed to appeal the matter in court. That appeal is now filed in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. It pits the Health Freedom Defense Fund vs. the Biden administration.

Here was their initial statement to the press after the initial ruling.

“The Department of Justice and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) disagree with the district court’s decision and will appeal, subject to CDC’s conclusion that the order remains necessary for public health,” the Justice Department said at the time in a statement.

It’s clear that Joe and his cronies are hurt that someone has stood up to them. The administration was so upset at the whole situation that they couldn’t even hide their frustration, contempt or their ego when filing their official appeal with the court. Have a look at their argument for requesting an appeal.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an order that generally requires people to wear masks when traveling on public transportation and at transportation hubs,” the Biden administration argued. “The district court vacated the CDC order nationwide, ruling that the order exceeds the CDC’s statutory authority, that it is arbitrary and capricious, and that the CDC did not have good cause to make the order effective without delay. Another judge in the same district has since reached the opposite conclusion and upheld the transportation mask order.”

“Given the importance of the issues presented, the government respectfully requests oral argument,” the administration argued.

In case you missed the passive aggressive nuance of their statement, Joe is essentially questioning the intelligence of the judge that made the ruling. They basically accused the judge of being incapable of logical thought. I wonder if Hunter was the one that gave Joe this brilliant piece of strategic legal advice? Always great to insult someone before asking them to reconsider.

Reports are coming out questioning the timing of the filing of this appeal. It turns out that there are numerous new studies and reports coming out proving that there is no demonstrable correlation between mask wearing and COVID numbers.

The Department of Justice’s timing is interesting because even the New York Times is admitting that mask mandates are not associated with any measurable effect on the spread of Covid-19. Meanwhile, a new study at the Lancet further undermines the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s arguments for mask mandates.

Could  Joe and the DOJ be pushing this hard to get mask wearing back in the game before more studies come out further proving the corruption and lack of evidence the CDC has been using to abuse the American people? That could pose a huge political nightmare just months before the November elections.

The good news is that while the courts and the administration hash this out, the mandate is still lifted. For now, Americans are still entitled to their right to make their own decisions regarding mask wearing. Hopefully the courts will stand their ground and back up the freedoms of the American people.





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