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Biden Claims the 2nd Amendment Was ‘Never Absolute’ Mumbles About Buying Canons


The horrific tragedies that have happened in recent days have been heartbreaking, senseless and of the utmost evil. From the shootings at a grocery store in Buffalo, NY to the heart wrenching school shooting in Uvalde, TX, the nation has been rocked with tragedy.

Unfortunately, attacks on the 2nd Amendment and gun rights started hitting the Twitter profiles of every left-wing politician before some bodies had even grown cold. Progressives immediately started leveraging the tragedy and loss of these victims to further their agenda.

Here’s a clip of Whoopie Goldberg bashing Christians, conservatives and constitutionalists, leveraging the Uvalde shooting to do so.

And of course politicians such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took time to dishonor the memories of Uvalde victims by using it as cover to spread her misinformation:

One of the most disgusting displays of exploitation came from Beto O’rourke who decided to use this tragedy as a moment to practice political theater. During the press conference regarding the Uvalde shooting with the governor of Texas, Beto stormed the event and caused mass chaos. Here’s a clip of it.

It’s important to note that Beto is currently trying to run for governor in Texas. Just, wow. The exploitation of these tragedies has not stopped either. The left is milking it for all the political capital it is worth, with little regard to the actual victims of these tragedies.

One person that continues to blunder his way through his fight to take away guns from Americans is our own Joseph Biden. In fact, he took time out his regular aimless walks on the grounds of the White House to make some outrageous claims about the second amendment and gun rights.

Reports have emerged about statements Joe made on Memorial Day when asked about guns and gun policy in America. Most of his statements were hard to listen to and many were just nonsensical. Here’s a sample via transcript.

I know that it makes no sense to be able to purchase something that can fire up to 300 rounds,” Biden said. “And I know what happened — when we took national action before… the law about that. It will significantly cut down mass murders. And so, there is only one reason for something that can fire 100 shots… When I first started doing hearings on the issue on what rational gun laws should be, and during the period when I was a senator, and the death rate was going up. Not that many more people were being shot, but the death rate was up. ”

“I sat with the comandante. And I asked him, I said, what’s the difference? Why are so many people — there are not too many people that are being shot. This is now 20 years ago, or 25 years ago. I said why are they dying?” he said. “And they showed me an X-ray. He said a .22 caliber bullet will lodge in a lung and we can probably get it out, may be able to get it out and save a life. A .9 millimeter bullet blows the lung out of the body.”

And then Biden got into something that shocked even the reporters that he was addressing. The folks at Becker News provided some of the details of what went down.

President Biden stopped to discuss his plans for gun control policies on Memorial Day. While acknowledging that he can’t just ‘outlaw a weapon,’ he claimed that the Second Amendment right to bear arms was ‘never absolute.”

That’s right, amidst his endless mumbling and babbling, Joe’s latest claim is that the Second Amendment may not really be a thing. In fact, unlike other parts of the constitution, when it comes to the right to bear arms, it’s more of a “whatever the Left feels like” kind of thing.

You can see the video of it here:

Conservatives have been quick to respond to this online.

This tweet is humorous but also very true!

It’s clear that with a little fact checking and digging, Biden’s statements are factually and categorically untrue. The baffling thing is that while his statements are ridiculous, chances are good that his insane arguments are going to make their way to the House and Senate floor in the form of speeches by his political allies.



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