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2005 CDC Study Shows Severe Adverse Reactions to Smallpox Vaccine, Including Cardiac Events, Difficulty Breathing & Abdominal Pain


The media and pharma cartels desperately want another ‘scamdemic’ to scare naïve citizens to take another dangerous injection.

With the reports of monkeypox outbreaks in various countries, world governments have already purchased millions of vaccines to fight a war against monkeypox.

As Fraudci admitted himself, the smallpox vaccine is an injection that comes with potentially fatal adverse reactions.

Smallpox Vaccine Has the Strongest Association with Myocarditis, Per NIH Paper

The CDC also admits the smallpox vaccine, which supposedly has an 85 percent “efficacy” rate to prevent monkeypox, includes an array of serious side effects.

Natural News explained:

Yes, smallpox is done and gone. Eradicated decades ago. No vaccine necessary. Still, the CDC and WHO claim there’s somehow an 85 percent “efficacy” rate for the smallpox vaccine preventing monkeypox, though ZERO clinical trials have been run that prove this. Remember, the “science” of vaccines is just a religion, where you have to believe in them, because there is no proof of safety or efficacy.

In fact, the opposite of “safe and effective” is what we’ve witnessed with HPV, flu shots and COVID-19 jabs, and now, looking back at a 2005 CDC study on smallpox inoculations, we see where researchers described an array of serious combined symptoms from the jab as a “clinical syndrome.” Is that because the smallpox vaccine contains two percent human serum albumin?

Call it the cannibal jab. Blood cells from human abortions are injected into humans and the CDC can’t figure out why those jabbed develop clinical syndrome from it. Go figure. Laboratory and public health workers who got smallpox shots reported SEVERAL horrific side effects, including breathing difficulty and serious heart problems. Sound familiar? This is not a few whistleblowers reporting to VAERS, this is the CDC’s very own study, and the findings will blow your mind.

Still, they want to push the smallpox vaccine on everyone to treat or prevent bad cases of monkeypox, that people get from having crazy, perverted sex parties with people who have had intimate contact with infected monkeys. We should all be so concerned. That’s about as absurd as giving nine year old girls HPV injections to prevent genital warts that people get from having frequent, promiscuous sex with intravenous drug users.


In a recent study, some laboratory and public health workers who received smallpox shots reported several side effects that have not shown up in other studies, including joint and abdominal pain, backache, and breathing difficulty.

The side effects were reported by both first-time vaccinees and previously vaccinated workers but were more common in the first-time vaccinees, according to the report by James Baggs and colleagues at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta.

“As with recently described cardiac adverse events [following smallpox shots], our unexpected findings of increased proportions of subjects with joint pain, abdominal pain, backache, and difficulty breathing are suggestive of systemic involvement and warrant further study,” says the report, published in the Apr 15 issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases.

If governments or businesses attempt to mandate the smallpox vaccine for monkeypox, we’re potentially looking at another vaccine disaster with catastrophic adverse reactions.

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