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Pastor Greg Locke Claims Kenneth Copeland, TD Jakes and Perry Stone To Be Arrested and Jailed THIS Year…


I want to make very clear at the onset of this article that Noah from WeLoveTrump is not making these claims…

But Pastor Greg Locke is, and we are reporting on what he just said Sunday at his church in Tennessee.


We’ve reported on Pastor Greg Locke before.

First there was this:

Pastor Greg Locke Says “Joel Osteen Is a Pedophile”!

And then this was was really wild:

Pastor Greg Locke Tells WILD Story: “We were right about everything!”

The thing that caught my attention about this latest video is all his talk about Kenneth Copeland.

He says Kenneth Copeland is a 33rd Degree Freemason.

Again, I am not making that claim — I don’t know if that’s true or not — but Greg Locke says is very adamantly and tells Copeland to sue him if he’s wrong.

Locke says he won’t sue him because he knows it’s true and it can be proven.

Folks, I’m sorry to those of you who love the Freemasons but I have to say this: Freemasonry is 100% incompatible with Christianity!

It is a doctrine of demons, and I don’t care whether your grandfather was a mason or your grandmother was in the Eastern Star….they may not have known any better.  They may have been low-level.  It may have been entirely innocent.

But those who are higher up know it’s evil.

And when Locke called out Copeland for being a top-ranking Freemason, my alarm bells went off.

I have always had a very weird vibe from Copeland.

And I’m about to burst a few other bubbles, but I’m just going to say this too…you do know that Hank Kunneman is part of Kenneth Copeland’s church, right?

I don’t mean they’re both Christians…I mean Kunneman is under Copeland’s specific branch.  I believe both in terms of governance and money flow, but don’t quote me on that.

I used to love listening to Kunneman, but his association was Copeland is one thing that never sat right with me.

Now lets get back to what Pastor Greg Locke says…

He says Copeland and Jakes and Perry Stone are all headed to jail.

Locke alludes to what the charges may be, but it wasn’t entirely clear to me.

I’m posting this because I appreciate Locke’s boldness and courage in speaking the way he does.

Again, I don’t know if what he says is true, but I’d love to get your thoughts.

We will also archive this post so that if these things do happen, Locke will be given the proper credit for warning ahead of time.

My take?  I was actually very sad to hear Perry Stone’s name added in to this list.  I hope that’s not true, but I do not have all the facts.

Watch the video clip here on Rumble:

Curious what you think…

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