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(WATCH) Yuval Noah Harari, “Most Humans Will Become Economically Useless and Politically Powerless…. The Useless Class”


While Darth Schwab will gain most of the attention from the 2022 World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, I don’t want folks forgetting about Yuval Noah Harari.

Harari is Schwab’s top advisor and probably the brainchild of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The demented transhumanist spoke to Turkey’s TRT World channel in 2017 about where the immense power humankind has gained might take us in the future.

Harari relayed his thoughts on how humanity will be structured in the near future.

He coined the term “Useless Class” to describe working-class individuals.

“Authority and power will shift from humans to computers, and most humans will become economically useless and politically powerless… We are beginning to see the creation of a new class of humans. The Useless Class,” Harari said.

“Just as the industrial revolution in the 19th century created the new working class, the proletariat, so now the artificial intelligence revolution is beginning to create the useless class,” he added.


Harari’s statements perfectly summarize how these globalist elites view humanity.

They regard their fellow humans as useless eaters who have no purpose living amongst them in society.

Harari, Schwab, and their WEF minions are anti-human psychopaths who have zero regard for life and possess an unimaginable God-complex.

Personally, I believe this inflated hubris will be the downfall of this globalist cabal.

More of humanity has awoken to the WEF’s devious ‘Great Reset‘ agenda and reject their wicked transhumanist beliefs.

Watch Harari’s full address HERE:


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