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Trump’s Pick for AZ Governor Holds Double Digit Lead


Since the 2020 elections, it seems like more and more Republicans have decided to move closer to the left. Their Twitter profiles still read “Republican”, they still wear red ties when on the Hill. Many of these politicians will even boast about their deeply held conservative values on the campaign trail. Yet despite their posturing and facade, many of them are simply RINO’s (Republican in Name Only) at this point.

We know this because they offer little fight against the onslaught of the left-wing political agenda that is designed to marginalize Americans in their own country while enriching the lives and pockets of bad actors.

One small example is the $40 billion dollar bill the House tried to get passed for Ukraine. Over 150, financially “conservative Republicans voted yes to send this amount of money oversees. All while 35% more Americans are going to food banks and baby formula is not available for mothers that need to feed their babies.

It seems like many thought they had gotten away with their duality without consequences. As usual these state and federal officials overestimate their brilliance while underestimating voter’s ability to discern B.S. and cowardice.

Based on the latest polls for the upcoming elections, it looks like these RINO’s are going to get a rude wake up call from the American voter. Without them realizing it, a groundswell of discontentment from conservatives has occurred. They are seeing this betrayal of American ideals and it’s mobilizing them in a very strong way.

In fact, according to some political analysts, they are witnessing  similar indicators that were present in the months leading up to Trump’s surprise victory in 2016.

One place where this is becoming evident is in the Arizona gubernatorial race. In the Republican primaries, Trump-endorsed candidate Kari Lake is destroying all her primary opponents, COMBINED.  Gateway Pundit has more on this:

Trump-endorsed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is absolutely destroying her RINO primary competitors in the polls with a double-digit lead and more support than every RINO candidate combined.

Because of the “incredible job” she is doing and her excellent polling numbers, President Trump gave Kari Lake another endorsement just weeks ago. President Trump previously declared that Lake “will go down as the greatest Governor in our Country’s history.”

Lake has graciously accepted President Trump’s endorsement. This is a departure from others who have tried to distance themselves from Trump, despite what he’s done to make the party relevant again.

That is major praise coming from the President. Trump’s endorsement does not seem like hyperbole either. Based on her speeches and actions on the campaign trail, there is good reason why the Left is fearful that she will come out for the Republicans.

Here is Lake echoing the promise that President Trump made in many of his speeches on the campaign trail. It’s working. Voters are getting energized.

Kari Lake is coming after the swamp, just like Trump.

Kari Lake is the only candidate vowing to get to the bottom of the rigged 2020 election. Arizona knows the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump.

Lake is the only candidate that is willing to take on the job of holding people accountable for 2020. She’s not been afraid to look for the truth like some others apparently (Looking at you, Mitch McConnell).

She’s even been talking about Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary regarding the stolen elections, “2000 Mules”. What makes this impressive is that she is the only candidate who is.

Lake is also the only candidate for governor talking about Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” documentary, which exposed how Democrats stole the 2020 election with illegal ballot trafficking.

Lake is risking losing the support of “conservative” mainstream media outlets like Fox News by talking about election integrity. As reported before, Fox has allegedly banned all mention of the documentary, “2000 Mules” on their channels.

However, despite her oppositions’ best efforts to shame her for embracing the “Trump” approach of fighting corruption and making America great, the voters are showing their support for her.

Internal polling shows Kari Lake with nearly a 25-point lead over her closest competitor, woke Karrin Taylor Robson. Former Congressman Matt Salmon has fallen to just seven percent in this new poll.

What makes this even more satisfying is that she has more support than the entire rest of the field combined.

This is in spite of everyone telling her that sticking with Trump would make her defeat a sure thing.

However it’s not left to extremists or mainstream media pundits to decide this election in Arizona. Despite all the hatred and name calling being directed her way, Kari Lake is finding growing support from the only people that matter. The voters.

In fact, the more they hate on her, the higher she goes in the poles:

The reason why there is so much opposition to someone who is clearly qualified for the job is simple. Kari Lake is a fighter. Just like Trump, there isn’t anything the Left and RINO’s hate more than someone who’s willing to take them to the mat and hold them accountable.

And she’s right. Of all the Republican candidates, she is the only one that has been projected to be able to beat the Democrats. Hopefully Arizona voters who are tired of seeing their state hijacked will make that very clear on Election Day.



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