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Is a Biden Impeachment Coming if Republicans Take Back House?


It’s no surprise that people are worried about Joe Biden. From his public appearances shaking hands with thin air, bumbling press conferences, to the way he arbitrarily stares into space leads many to believe he’s not been up for the job of President.

Even though they won’t say it, his own party is getting concerned. It’s been fun for them having a “rubber stamper” in the Oval Office. If it weren’t for some mainline Democrats in the Senate, the Left would have already gotten everything on their progressive wishlist.

For the Left, it’s fine to have someone in mental decline to manipulate. The problem is when everyone else can see that is what’s happening. It doesn’t matter how good your PR team is, it’s impossible to spin shaking hands with imaginary figures:

Or getting frightened by an Easter bunny and then running from said Easter bunny at your own party.

It’s clear for anyone to see. Turns out that this mental decline paired with horrendous policies that have left the  border exposed, inflation at record highs and now food shortages is making Americans upset.

Political analysts are already building projection models that forecast Democrats losing the House. However with historic failures on multiple levels, many Americans are wondering if greater changes are needed.

One such segment are Republican voters. It turns out that nearly two-thirds of them are in support of impeaching Joe Biden if the Republicans were to take back the House. And it’s not just ”Mega Magas” that thinks this way.  Gateway Pundit has more about this.

The poll, conducted by University of Massachusetts Amherst, found that “68% of Republicans and Trump voters and 66% of conservatives all would like to see the President charged by Congress for treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors, the formal criteria for impeachment laid out in the Constitution.”

The poll included the entire spectrum of Republican voters. Out of that entire group, a whopping majority are in favor of exploring impeachment. Recently, impeachment has been used as a political weapon against rivals. Many voters remember the cries for impeachment regarding President Trump.

Today, impeachment is no longer a final option, but one of many weapons to be used in an era of rampant partisan polarization to gain an upper hand on one’s partisan opponents

This is different than when public sentiment seemed in support of impeaching President Trump. The cries for impeachment for Trump came mostly from Left-wing politicians and political figures that whipped voters into a frenzy with misinformation.

The desire to impeach Biden is being promoted based on his track record, not simply on public perception.

With growing support for it amongst voters and a wave of Republican reinforcements coming after November, we may see a strong push for impeachment very soon.

With a number of Republican members of Congress calling to impeach President Biden, the chorus will likely grow louder if and when the Republican Party takes control of the U.S. House in 2022.”

This spells really bad news for Democrats who despite their greatest efforts to spin, lie and cast blame elsewhere are losing favor with many voters. This could translate as a major blow against any hope they have of pushing their agenda.

Jesse Rhodes, professor of political science at UMass Amherst and associate director of the poll, noted that their findings are particularly bad for Democrats.

“The economy tops Americans’ list of the issues that will be most important in making their decisions at the ballot box in the midterm elections, and with inflation at its highest level since the early 1980s this is very bad news for Democrats,” says Rhodes. “Democrats already face likely losses in Congress during the midterms, and if inflation doesn’t cool off soon those losses could be very serious.”

You can start to see the rising wave for impeachment online. Many are placing the blame for the economy squarely on Biden’s narrow shoulders.

Of course the Left is trying to claim the idea of impeaching Biden is crazy. After all, he’s not to blame for any of it. How can he? He’s only the President of the United States of America.

Take this Leftist ray of sunshine. She’s a self described Democrat Patriot and she sees Biden as some sort of messiah:


This person appears to live in a totally different reality.

The idea of impeaching Biden has hit mainstream media as well. Here’s a segment that Fox News did on it, shared by Judicial Watch

If early signs are any indication, 2023 is going to be an extremely contentious year where we may see more than our fair share of impeachment proceedings. Whether anything materializes of it remains to be seen.




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