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FACT-CHECKED: Is Zelensky Is “New World Order”?


Well, this is disappointing but it must be printed.

I’ve been warning you all for weeks: DO NOT TRUST THE MSM!

Any time the MSM is pushing a single narrative, you know it’s probably disinformation.

In other words: Fake News!

And the Fakest of all News recently has been President Zelensky of the Ukraine as a white hat good guy.

It appears nothing could be farther from the truth.

Earlier this week we covered this:

Are Russian Airstrikes Targeting U.S. Bio-Weapons Labs in Ukraine?

And I've given you my in-depth thoughts on Russia/Ukraine here:

Are Russian Airstrikes Targeting U.S. Bio-Weapons Labs in Ukraine?

Now I want to take a moment to focus on Zelensky himself...

Something about him has never sat right with me.

I think it started when they used his phone call with President Trump as the basis for the first phony impeachment.

NOT an accident, trust me.

This Deep State stooge was hand-selected to play a role.

But now let's dig deeper...

Is he Deep State?

Well, he certainly supports the New World Order and all their Demonic, Luciferian symbolism.

Just take a look at this:


Ok, how many Masonic symbols can we find in one image

You have the 666 ("ok") symbol...

Then you have the Devil Horns...

Then you have the "V" which is symbolic of the Devil...

And finally you have about a million "one eye" images.

The all-seeing eye.

The Eye of Horus.



All just coincidences that he keeps posing like that, I'm sure.

Maybe he just has a lot of eye problems?

Maybe he always wanted to be an Eye Doctor?


But I'm not the only one catching on.

There are MANY people seeing it and commenting to expose him.

Take a look:



Devil horns:

Maybe Putin isn't the bad guy the MSM says he is?

Not a group I want to be associated with!

More here:

And remember this?

The bribery and threats?

And we end with a real gem on Rumble:


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