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‘Call a Doctor’ – Psaki’s Answer to Parents If They Can’t Find Baby Formula


It seems that much like her employer, Jen Psaki has mentally clocked out of her time as the White House spokesperson. Like a kid just minutes from summer vacation. Her responses to recent questions about serious issues has been less than ideal even by Joe Biden’s standards.

This latest gaffe by Jen and the White House has offended and triggered a lot of Americans, especially parents. Regardless of what political party you ascribe to, there is universal agreement that one of the most important things is making sure your children do not go hungry.

Food is essential for survival. When you are a baby, your options of how you get your nourishment are limited. That’s why the recent shortage of baby formula is so serious. It’s not the same as a brand of cereal being out of stock. It looks like things are going to continue to get worse, not better.

Parents and Americans are justifiably upset and distraught. Manufacturers can’t make up for the loss to their supply and they are falling further and further behind. Inventory in most states have hit potentially catastrophic levels.

But it’s not simply because of supply, demand or unforeseen supply chain issues. It appears that the White House is making things worse by commandeering what little inventory remains and sending them to the Southern border and to the Ukraine.

This isn’t rumor, in fact Governor Abbott of Texas tweeted about it as well.

What is unjust about these actions is that parents aren’t being given a fair chance to acquire what little supply there is left. The White House essentially cut in line and grabbed up nearly everything leaving American parents to battle for the scraps.

But it gets even worse! The White House is also letting all their friends cut in line in front of American parents. Federal officials have begun stockpiling and hoarding baby formula.

After all of this injustice. After having to endure all of this unfairness. What is Jen Psaki’s response to American parents who are desperate for answers, guidance and a solution? “Call a Doctor… or Pediatrician”

The level of callousness and indifference expressed in this answer should be criminal. She is basically telling Americans to figure it out on their own because as usual, Joe Biden does not have a solution to the problems he’s caused.

Response to these statements are understandably angry.

Jen’s not the only one that seems indifferent and uncaring about what is happening. Her replacement feels the same way.

It’s moments like these when it becomes clear just how little those in power actually care for American’s wellbeing.

These are not first-world problems we are facing. Issues like food security that reaches accross all economic classes except for the most elite used to be reserved for violent regimes, not the United States of America.




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