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Arizona’s Yuma County Sheriff’s Office Announces Voter Fraud Investigations After Being Featured in “2000 Mules”


The more the Left tries to hide the truth, the more the truth tries to come out.

The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona has officially announced an investigation into voter fraud.

Specifically, they will be investigating the 2020 presidential elections.


Because the documentary 2000 Mules.

While it may be tempting to dismiss documentaries about the 2020 election, it is clear that pieces like 2000 Mules are making the truth known.

People who would have never otherwise learned about the depths of voter fraud are now being faced with very compelling evidence.

In case you haven’t yet seen 2000 Mules, here is a trailer to the bombshell documentary:

In fact, there are 16 cases of voter fraud currently open in Yuma County.

The Left wants to claim that 2020 was the most secure election in history.

If that’s the case, then why are more examples of voter fraud being discovered — even 2 years after the election?

Just the News confirms:

The sheriff’s office of an Arizona county highlighted in Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” documentary on alleged ballot harvesting and trafficking in the 2020 presidential election announced Wednesday it has teamed up with the county recorder to investigate 2020 election fraud.

The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office announced Wednesday that as of March, it has 16 open voter fraud cases.

The Sheriff’s Office and the Recorder’s Office “are working together to actively examine cases of voting fraud from the 2020 General Election and now a recent pattern of fraudulent voter registration forms leading up to the 2022 Primary Election,” according to the YCSO.

“Some examples of voter fraud Yuma County is currently seeing,” the sheriff reports, “are the following:

Impersonation fraud: Voting in the name of other legitimate voters and voters who have died or moved away.

False registrations: Falsifying voter registrations by either using a real or fake name, birth date, or address. This is being done by outreach groups who are paid for each registration form they submit, therefore, are out soliciting voters into unnecessarily re-registering or falsifying forms with Yuma County [residents’] identities.

Duplicate voting: Submitting multiple votes or registering in multiple locations and voting in the same election in more than one jurisdiction or state.

Fraudulent use of absentee ballots: Requesting absentee ballots and voting without the knowledge of the actual voter; or obtaining the absentee ballot from a voter and either filling it in directly and forging the voter’s signature or illegally telling the voter who to vote for.”

Released last week, “2000 Mules” relies on geotracking data and video surveillance footage obtained by election integrity watchdog True the Vote purporting to show hundreds of “mules” stuffing drop boxes with absentee ballots during odd hours in battleground states.

This announcement comes even after the audit in Maricopa is continuing to put pressure on Maricopa County.

Multiple audits and reviews are happening in Wisconsin.

And those are just the updates that the public knows about.

What other investigations are going on behind closed doors?

The timing couldn’t be better.


Because the 2020 midterm elections are right around the corner.

And the 2024 presidential elections will be shortly after that.

Investigating voter fraud right now is the first step to ensuring that whatever shenanigans happened in 2020 never happen again.

Local news station KYMA in Arizona is confirming the ongoing investigations into fraud:

The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office says it’s working alongside Yuma County Recorder’s Office to look into cases of voting fraud from the 2020 General Election.

More cases of voting fraud leading to the 2022 Primary Election are also being looked into with 16 voting/ registration open cases.

Some examples of fraud identified are impersonation, fake registrations, duplicate voting and voting in place of an absentee.

Big or small, no voter fraud should be permitted in our elections.

If the government is truly by we the people, for the people, then we need to make sure that the people’s voices are actually heard.

Will anything come out of this investigation?

Time will tell.

But investigations on multiple fronts, in multiple counties, in multiple states, is definitely putting pressure on the establishment class!


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