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House Dems Crash Senate Halls Chanting “My Body, My Decision” During Vote


Democrat’s recent bid to codify Roe V. Wade and keep late term abortion in place failed yesterday via Senate vote. Details on the outcome of the vote can be found in our article here.

The fact that the measure failed makes what we are sharing in this article all the more entertaining. If you recall, House Democrats, especially the ones elected to office within the last fifteen years, consider themselves the cool kids. They carry themselves like the popular table in high school, looking down on everyone else like peasants. Take Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as an example.

There’s nothing like stereotyping, fat shaming and condescending to others first thing in the morning. So cool.

This “squad” feels they can do no wrong. Everything they touch, turns to gold. Cause they are cool. No one can say “no” to them, because they are the thermostat in this world that dictates what is right and what is true. They are also ridiculous.

For the last week, these same “cool kids” have risen up in anger regarding the potential overturning of Roe V. Wade, which has kept abortion in place within this nation for decades. With their anger-filled rhetoric, they told Americans what we needed to do as a nation.

It’s hard to ignore how AOC is hinting she may have learned biology off of YouTube with an outrageous tweet like this. She also slept through any lecture on logic apparently.

AOC’s friends in the House didn’t want to be left out in making their anger and rage known to the world.

It seems that House Democrats like Ilhan Omar weren’t just satisfied in doing their job which is to craft legislation, vote on it and then send it to the Senate.

They decided to take their shouting on Twitter into the halls of the Senate chambers. Making sure they had a host of newspaper reporters to document their brave move, these liberal “cool kids” decided to “stick it to the man” (which coincidentally they are a part of) and go into the Senate’s side of the building to shout “my body, my decision”.

You have to appreciate how smug and confident they look in that photo. Surely this stunt will sway the Senate to vote their way. The vote already happened, we know it didn’t. So now we can just laugh at their antics. Here are clips showing the whole thing:

I just can’t get over all the smiling going on in these clips. They are so proud of themselves. Almost like a child that drew inside the lines for the first time.

It can’t be repeated enough that this stunt did absolutely nothing to change the outcome of the Senate’s decision. This was simply for stunts and giggles. People online have also been calling them out for their behavior. Even pro-abortion advocates are declaring their actions pointless and self-serving.

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Take this pro-abortionist for example:

All of this is just the latest attempt to cater to a woke left that is getting tired of them as much as conservatives. They aren’t leaders, they are puppets with no spine and their theatrics aren’t fooling anyone.

I leave you with this reminder of when Nancy Pelosi took a knee while culturally appropriating African fashion to demonstrate why black people should vote for her.





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