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Bill Gates-Backed Company Produces Lab-Grown ‘Human Milk’ That May be Three Years Away


BIOMILQ, a North Carolina-based startup, aims to create human milk-producing cells in much the same way that some companies are producing lab-grown meat.

From CNN:

The idea first came to co-founder and chief science officer Leila Strickland in 2013, after she heard about the world’s first lab-grown burger. A cell biologist by training, Strickland wondered if similar technology could be used to culture human milk-producing cells, she tells CNN Business.

Strickland had struggled to produce enough breast milk for her first child. “A lot of women are grappling with this,” she says.

Globally, only one in three babies receives as much breast milk in their first six months as experts recommend, says the World Health Organization. Instead, many parents rely on formula. The milk formula industry was worth over $52 billion in 2021, according to market research provider Euromonitor International.

Often based on powdered cow’s milk, formula is “able to satisfy a lot of the nutritional requirements,” Strickland says, but it cannot replicate “the complexity of human milk.” Strickland says BIOMILQ’s product, by comparison, better matches the nutritional profile of breast milk than formula, with more similar proportions of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

The BIOMILQ team creates its product from cells taken from human breast tissue and milk, donated by women in the local community, who get a Target giftcard in return. BIOMILQ grows the cells in flasks, feeding them nutrients, and then incubates them in a bioreactor that mimics the environment in a breast. Here, the cells absorb more nutrients and secrete milk components.

Is this artificial milk the globalist solution for baby formula shortages?

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos are among the investors in BIOMILQ.

As Alarabiya News explains, the Bill Gates-backed company may get their product on the market in 3-5 years.

Strickland reportedly came up with the idea after struggling to breastfeed her first child, saying that “a lot of people are grappling with this.”

The North Carolina-based startup received a $3.5 million investment from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a fund started by Bill Gates, The Times reported in June 2020.

Breakthrough Energy’s board members include Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and Virgin founder Richard Branson.

BIOMILQ’s team is working on producing artificial human milk by using human breast tissue and milk donated by local women.

These donors then get a gift card for the department store Target in return.

Strickland said that the company is still between three and five years away from taking a product to market.

First, the company needs to grow cells at a larger scale and lower cost than they are currently doing.

BIOMILQ also needs to gain regulatory approval showing that the product is safe for infants.

Unsurprisingly, BIOMILQ fits into the globalist climate agenda.

From The Science Times:

Additionally, BIOMILQ aims to provide a greener alternative for formula milk as an estimated ten percent of the global dairy industry, which is a significant source of greenhouse gases, is used in manufacturing baby formula.

The firm claims to have developed a milk form that is easier for babies to digest than formula. Most importantly, it emits a smaller carbon footprint, which will help the environment.

It is unclear when BIOMILQ’s artificial breast milk might become commercially available, but representatives from the firm say it would likely depend on the approval of regulatory bodies such as the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

Here’s more info from their startup pitch:


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