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Pope Francis Suddenly Backtracks? Says NATO Forced Russia’s Hand?


What is going on here?

Do we have some pressure being put on Pope Francis by the White Hats?

Or did he have a sudden change of heart?

Or something else?

I don’t know, but I do know initially Pope Francis was with the rest of the world on the “You Must Support Ukraine” train.

I’ve written extensively about that here if you want more context:

The Truth About What Is REALLY Happening In Russia/UKRAINE…

But now?

Has he suddenly flip-flopped?

Now he’s suddenly saying that Russia was provoked and pushed into the war by NATO.

Wow, VERY interesting.

What is going on here?

Take a look:

And here:

Even Fox News is covering it:

One more:

Here is more on the changing Pope, from Fox News:

Pope Francis appeared to partly blame the West for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in an interview published this week, suggesting that the “barking of NATO at Russia’s door” may have forced Putin’s hand.

“An anger that I don’t know if you can say was provoked, but maybe facilitated,” the Pope told the Italian Corriere della Sera newspaper.

Francis also condemned the weapons industry and said the “arms trade is a scandal” that “few oppose.”

“I can’t answer, I’m too far away, to the question of whether it is right to supply the Ukrainians,” Francis said. “There are international interests in every bit. One cannot think that a free state can wage war on another free state. In Ukraine it was the others who created the conflict.”

The Pope has so far declined to condemn Putin, though he has called for an end to the war and said this week that he wants to go to Moscow.

A June meeting between Francis and Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill in Jerusalem was called off recently over concerns that it would send an “ambiguous” signal, but the two did talk for 40 minutes over videoconference in March.

Francis said Kirill spent half of that March meeting reading off “all the justifications for the war” and said that Kirill must not “transform himself into Putin’s altar boy.”

And from Politico:

Pope Francis said that NATO “barking” at Russia’s door may have led to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine — and said he has offered to meet the Russian president in Moscow.

In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Francis reflected on Russia’s lethal aggression toward its neighbor and said while he might not go as far as saying NATO’s presence in nearby countries “provoked” Moscow, it “perhaps facilitated” the invasion.

Francis also condemned the “brutality” of the war and compared it to Rwanda’s civil war in the 1990s, which resulted in a genocide of the Tutsi minority.

The Holy See has been asking since mid-March for a meeting between Francis and Putin in Moscow, the pope said. “Of course we needed the leader of the Kremlin to allocate a window of time. We haven’t yet had any response, and we are still trying, even if I fear that Putin can’t and doesn’t want to have this meeting at this time.”

In the interview, Francis ruled out going to Kyiv for now: “First I have to go to Moscow, first I have to meet Putin.”

We’ve covered this nasty Pope many times in past years here on WeLoveTrump….

Here’s a quick walk down memory lane, only the low-lights:

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