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Pfizer Data Reveals There Was No Definitive Proof Vaccine Was Safe for Pregnant Women


Establishment media and the Left have been silent about the recent data dump Pfizer was ordered to release by a Trump-appointed judge. There’s so much of it, that they are having to release it in batches. The latest documents confirm what many had suspected regarding the safety and efficacy of their vaccine. MedPage Today details how the data dump came to be.

The agency released 55,000 pages of COVID-19 vaccine review documents last Tuesday, following a loss in court months earlier that forced it to expedite its process to make the information available to the public.

In a January court order, U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman of the Northern District of Texas required the FDA to release around 12,000 documents immediately, and then 55,000 pages a month until all documents are released — totaling more than 300,000 pages.

Thousands of conservatives and medical professionals are still in the early stages of sifting through the mountain of data. However what people are finding paints a very ugly picture of what many have been mandated to inject into their bodies. Stuff is coming out into the open and it stinks to high heaven.

Things did seem fishy when Pfizer started negotiating with the FDA to drip-feed the required data a little bit at a time.  Turns out they wanted to make the American people wait up to 75 years to get a full picture of what really happened in the development of the vaccine.

In a November joint status report, the FDA proposed releasing around 500 pages of the documents each month — which would fulfill the organization’s FOIA request in about 55 to 75 years.

In spite of what looks like the FDA and Pfizer working together to stonewall the full truth from coming out, the whole development process was so botched that there isn’t any amount of redacting that can hide the nightmare that this was.

In case you missed it in the thread above, we will share the clip below. A respected medical researcher, Dr. Robert Malone explained to The New American how Pfizer’s withholding of data could constitute medical fraud. See the clip below:

One of the most disturbing portions of the report is in regards to pregnant and nursing women taking the vaccine. A scroll through Twitter and you will find all sorts of claims about this. It’s easy to fall for some outlandish accusations that are uncorroborated. But there are plenty of findings linked directly to the report that is troubling enough.

Take this for example.

The report, which would have logically been provided in part to the leaders of national and international health organizations did not stop governments from recommending pregnant and nursing women take the vaccine. As the Twitter user references, the U.K. greenlit the action when the data specifically excluded pregnant women from their study.

This should anger everybody. Here are medical professionals, declaring with absolute certainty that the vaccine is safe in any trimester.

This seems medically irresponsible. Here are screenshots straight from the Pfizer report confirming that they had no basis to believe what they were saying was in fact true :

But what about after the report? There must have been additional testing specifically for pregnant patients. The answer is yes. But the context of what kind of testing is outrageous.

Dr. Naomi Wolf, who is in the process of going through the entire report, highlights Pfizer went about testing the safety of their vaccines for pregnant women.

Yup. Rats. 44 pregnant rats. More evidence that what’s under the hood may not always match the brochure of what they are trying to sell us.

The purpose of this article is not to provide medical advice of any kind. The only goal is to give our readers the information so that they can make their own informed decisions. Based on the data that is out there, the days of taking things at face value are long gone.










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