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Watch: Student Calls Out Woke Professor for “Anti-White” Rhetoric


A philosophy professor at the University of Georgia got verbally wrecked by a student who was tired of the rhetoric he was sharing in class that was “anti-white” in nature.

Here’s a quote to give you an idea of what was being taught.

It’s a strategy. To pretend that all white people are individuals.

According to this professor, it’s not alright to stereotype or say other cultures are “all the same”. However when it comes to “white people” it is actually a good strategy to do so.  What better way to dehumanize someone than to view them all as the same.

It’s at this point the student in the video takes exception and speaks up. As you can imagine, in Georgia, a large portion of the student population is in fact, white.

He confronts the teacher about his offensive rhetoric and dismantles his argument completely. It’s something to behold. You have to see it:


This man is clearly in a tough spot. After all, the student is white, but also a member of the LGBTQ community. Check…mate. The professor clearly lacks any self-awareness. Half the students he is talking to are white and have by choice, chosen to register for a class being taught by someone of color.

They didn’t sign up because they didn’t want to learn. They wanted to learn. From him. And yet they are being lumped in with the most extreme, reprehensible portion of society. Racists.

This isn’t the first time this professor has said horrific things. Back in 2019, he was quoted as saying that “some white people may have to die.”

In 2019, WSB-Atlanta gave us our first introduction to Osei-Frampong, the professor responsible for these statements.

The man at the center of the controversy is Irami Osei-Frampong — a philosophy graduate student employed by the university as a teacher’s assistant.

He speaks frequently about race and equality, but some critics believe he crossed the line when he made a post online that stated, “Some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole.”

What is funny, yet troubling is that he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with what he is saying.

“I’m confused why that is so controversial,” Osei-Frampong said.

Osei-Frampong appeared on Cox Media Group radio station WGAU Tuesday morning, insisting he’s not calling for violence, but believes it should remain an option.

“It’s just a fact of history that racial justice often comes at the cost of white life,” Osei-Frampong said. “I didn’t advocate for violence. I was just honest of racial progress.”

There are some that may rush to defend a man like this. After all, a man can’t be judged purely on just one or two statements. You’re right. So let’s just see what else he’s written so we get a full picture.

Here’s a recent tweet where he seems to state that the Constitution is anti-woman and thus should be delegitimized.

Interesting how he is such a champion for women considering the reprehensible things he has said about them. Here is a sample.

He’s compared women to insects and rodents:

In this one, Irami appears to be greenlighting people of another color sexually assaulting caucasian women so that “White womanhood” will someday cease to exist. You decide.

Here’s some more just to drive the point home:

The sad part of this all is that it takes a college student in Georgia to stand up to this person and confront him. This student is there to learn, to get an education, and instead he’s having to do what countless college administrators were too afraid to do. Confront using verbal discourse.

And before we just chalk this man up as being irrelevant and not worth listening to. I will leave you with a screenshot of who follows this guy. It may surprise you.

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