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Watch Biden Flame Out Trying to Take a Hard Stance on Russians


I understand it must be hard for someone who hasn’t eaten solid food in over a decade to take a hard stance on anything. Hand it to Joe, he gets up in front of the world each day and tries his best. I would too if my next nap was being held hostage by my liberal handlers.

During a recent press conference, Joe wanted to tell the world that he was not messing around with Russian Oligarchs. He was going after them and seizing their assets. His statements made it abundantly clear… to no one. To say it was a flameout would be an understatement.

This one is bad even by Biden standards. You may not even need Hunter’s laptop, Joe’s recent appearances are evidence enough that there may be illicit drug consumption going on in that family.

Check out the clip here:

For those keeping score, he invented about 3 words not found in any dictionary of any language, mumbled and stumbled for 9 seconds, and took a geriatric micro nap for 5 seconds. I’m also pretty sure he is going to send a fruit basket to the Russian oligarchs as opposed to Seal Team 6.

I cringed. And not in an “Oh no, grandpa’s hitting on a house plant” kind of way either. This was more in the vein of embarrassment that our allies and especially our enemies are seeing this.

Can we also take a moment to figure out why Joe Biden is getting his intel about unsavory characters from the entire catalog of James Bond movies? “We’re going to take their yachts” Really? Cause if there’s anything a bad guy loves more than anything is a good yacht to sit on.

What’s crazy is that Biden doesn’t seem to realize that he has a problem.

Joe, every day you get up behind a microphone is Stuttering Awareness Day.

This latest installment makes things very clear. Biden is not in control. How can he be? He’s consumed too many paint chips off the floor of that basement he was in. So who is it? Jill? Nancy? AOC? PETA? We may never really know. But in the meantime, let’s comfort ourselves in some more Biden bloopers. They’re funnier than anything Trevor Noah has put out ever, at least.



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