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Rhode Island Senator Pushes For Double Taxation Of Unvaccinated Individuals


Sam Bell is the poster child for everything wrong with Democrats.

As a society, we have already established that natural immunity is far superior to the little immunity these Covid shots produce for a vast majority of the population.

Are there some people who stand to benefit from taking the shots? Sure, of course there are, but the shot neither prevents the spread of the virus, nor does it work at a therapeutic for everyone.

Young, healthy people who have over a 99% chance of clearing Covid have little to no reason to take this shot, much the same way they have little to no reason to take a yearly flu shot.

Pushing Covid shots at this point, knowing that they do not stop the spread of the virus, and knowing the mortality statistics goes beyond the scope of sanity.

Rhode Island Senator, Sam Bell, became the poster child for this Democrat insanity with his latest proposal. Bell wants to double the income taxes of those still unvaccinated against Covid-19.

Bell is one of those people who thinks that a flu-like virus can be completely eradicated—he believes in magic.

It’s time to start putting these Democrats through tribunals, as Mike Cernovich suggests. There is a difference between freedom of speech, legitimate differences of opinion, and a willingness not to accept basic reality.

The latter of these pretty much characterizes the entirety of the Democratic Party. What do you do when a certain segment of the country refuses to acknowledge basic reality?

Here’s Bell’s latest proposal:

The Boston Globe dissected the poll which Bell references:

The poll from the COVID-19 Consortium for Understanding the Public’s Policy Preferences Across States found that 64 percent of residents said they believe everyone should be required to get the vaccine, behind only Washington, D.C.

(75.6 percent), Massachusetts (67.3 percent), Hawaii (66.7 percent), Maryland (65.2 percent) and California (65 percent).

Nationally, 55.3 percent of Americans support a vaccine mandate, according to the survey.


According to The Hill, millions of vaccine doses will expire soon without more funding. Could this be the motivation behind this desperate, last-ditch proposal by Bell and others to push vaccination? Take a look:

“We are going to lose millions of doses of vaccine that will expire,” Coons told moderator Margaret Brennan on CBS’s “Face the Nation” when asked if vaccines will go bad should Congress not approve more funds.

“I think we should treat this as emergency spending.


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