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Pittsburg Protestor v Officer: Round 1 Goes to Officer


A protestor took a fist to the face this weekend after refusing a police order to clear an intersection.

The protestor was participating in a Pittsburgh neighborhood rally to support the family of Jim Rogers, a man that died after being being tazed by police.  Two officers involved in the Rogers’ incident were reinstated; three lost their jobs.

According to local reports, the protestors had proceeded down the street with the plan of stopping at intersections to inform the public about why they were demonstrating.  How considerate.

It was at the group’s second stop at the intersection of Penn Avenue and Center Street in Wilkinsburg, while Diamond Rogers, the niece of Jim Rogers, started to talk about her uncle, that police from various departments, including Wilkinsburg and Edgewood, got on the speaker system and told protesters to leave, stating that it was an ‘”unlawful assembly.”

That interruption by the police officer triggered the protestors.   Here’s what it looked like on camera:

What an almost impossible job these officers have.

You won’t find the full video showing the escalation on any media outlets.  Context is never good for spinning a narrative.

The Pittsburgh protestors have since released a statement according to one media outlet:

We are not interested in engaging with the police or various municipalities’ narratives of dividing so-called good protestors from so-called bad ones. Any one on the ground at the march today, who has to experience the police attack us, or are now viewing it through it’s being shared on the press or social media can see clearly that those who wield violence are the police.

After watching the confrontation, many Americans will disagree with that assessment. 

Did you notice anything odd about the backpack the female protestor carried?  It’s blocked slightly by her umbrella, but it appears to be the “Book Of Spells” that was on the backpack of a female BLM protester causing a scene at a McDonalds last year.

The backpack looks like this:

AntifaWatch believes the same woman and backpack were associated with both events.  Links to the McDonalds episode are provided below.


Whether it’s the same woman with the same backpack, we may not know, but in both instances, the person with the backpack on wanted to escalate a conflict and cause chaos.  That potential connection to spiritual forces won’t surprise you if you have read anything about the founders of BLM, particularly Melina Abdula.

As reported by Religion News in 2020,

In a June 9 article,”The Fight for Black Lives is a Spiritual Movement,” Hebah Farrag — assistant director of research at the USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture — examined how Abdullah led a group of demonstrators in a ritual at a recent protest outside of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s home.

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As part of the ritual, people recited the names of “those taken by state violence before their time — ancestors now being called back to animate their own justice,” Farrag wrote.

After each name, Abdullah poured libations on the ground as the group in return chanted “Asé.” The Yoruba term is “often used by practitioners of Ifa, a faith and divination system that originated in West Africa,” Farrag wrote.

Abdullah … said it took her almost a year before she realized Black Lives Matter was much more than a racial and social justice movement.

“At its core, it’s a spiritual movement,” she said.

Cullors said it became clear to her they needed “spiritual protection” as Black Lives Matter was targeted by the right, by police and by neo-Nazis.

A “Book of Spells” backpack and rituals are not out of place given BLM is at its core a spiritual movement.  On that, Ms. Abdullah, we can agree.


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