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COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Hesitancy is Causing a Decline In Routine Immunizations


“Kids aren’t getting caught up on routine shots they missed during the pandemic,” Politico reports.

Vaccine pushers cite COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ hesitancy as a big reason why.

That’s fantastic news!

The serial corruption of the experimental COVID-19 shots has awaken millions of Americans to the dangers of all vaccines.

While the COVID-19 shots are the most destructive injections in VAERS history, others have caused unspeakable harm to many people.

Public health experts worry that COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ hesitancy will impact kids’ immunizations for measles, chickenpox, meningitis and other diseases.

Politico wrote:

That spillover of vaccine hesitancy may also be fueling an uptick in religious exemption requests from parents of school-aged children and is making it more difficult for states to catch up with children who missed immunizations during the pandemic’s early days when families skipped doctor’s appointments, they say.

“We just want to keep measles, polio, and all the things we vaccinate against out of the political arena,” said Hugo Scornik, a pediatrician and president of the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

He was alarmed by the introduction of several bills in the state legislature in the last year to limit vaccinations, including one that would have ended immunization requirements in schools. Several states considered similar pieces of legislation that would have either removed or whittled away at school vaccination requirements, though none moved forward.

At the beginning of the pandemic, immunization rates for children plummeted. In 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention saw a 15 percent drop from pre-pandemic levels in states’ orders for Vaccines for Children, the federal program through which about half the children in the country are immunized. In 2021, order levels were about 7 percent lower than pre-pandemic levels, according to the CDC.

After the Florida surgeon general’s announcement that healthy children may not benefit from the COVID-19 injections, rates for all immunizations in county-run facilities fell from 92.1 percent in 2019 to 79.3 percent in 2021.

Igor Chudov explained his findings after noticing a decrease in all-cause infant mortality that coincided with the rise in ‘vaccine hesitancy’ in Florida.

This is a kind of a shocking finding to me and I want to be fact checked on what I wrote below. I would like to be proven wrong.

In 2021, vaccination of infants massively decreased in Florida due to “vaccine hesitancy”. Along with decrease in childhood vaccinations, all cause infant mortality ALSO MASSIVELY DECREASED, in a perfect lockstep!

The changes are very significant and can be considered an unintended experiment.

Say what?

What I found is that in 2021, parents of newborns in Florida were much more “vaccine hesitant”, for reasons obvious to my readers, and therefore childhood vaccinations decreased from 93.4% previously to only 79.3% in 2021. During the same time, all cause infant mortality under 1 year of age in Florida also DECREASED by 8.93%.

Both changes are huge.


After an hour of duckduckgo-ing, I found two webpages with relevant numbers:

  • Assessment of … Immunization Coverage Levels in 2-Year-Old Children (2021)
  • Florida Deaths by Age in 2021

The first document states that immunization coverage for childhood vaccines (not Covid vaccine) decreased by 14.1 points, from 93.4% to 79.4% statewide. It is, strictly speaking, for under-two-year-olds, but, obviously, the same thing happened to under-one-year-olds.

*Source – Igor Chudov*

Please note that “Infant Mortality Rate” is defined as the number of deaths of all infants, from 0 to 365 days of age, from ANY causes, per 1,000 infants. (visit that page and click on “?”)

So, what do we have?

  • Infant Vaccination decreased by 14.1% in 2021.
  • All cause infant mortality decreased by 8.93% in 2021
  • Decrease in infant mortality happened as deaths of other age groups increased significantly

While coincidence is not causation, these findings should be independently studied by researchers without any financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

The Ethical Skeptic cited the following CDC statistics for natural deaths of children 0 to 4 years old:

“Natural Deaths of Children 0 to 4 years old are down 43% this year to even 2020. Down 55% versus 2019,” the page tweeted.

Is this decline in infant mortality and natural deaths in young children the result of increased ‘vaccine hesitancy?’

It’s certainly worth finding out to awaken more parents.


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