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Kim Dotcom: Hunter Biden Laptop Will Be Out Next Week; Hunter To Jail; Joe To Resign


Have you heard of Kim Dotcom?

Kim was the head of MegaUpload, which led to the largest copyright case in history and an (illegal?) raid by the U.S. Government on his compound.

Kim is a hero to many…

A shadowy character to some…

And a guy I have come to like much more than I dislike over the years.

Feels to me like he’s working with the good guys.

Wired has described him as the “Most Wanted Man on the Net”:

In short, Kim Dotcom is by all accounts a hacker extraordinaire…and exactly the kind of person you’d want on your side when you’re exposing the Hunter Biden Laptop, Hillary’s email server, or any other number of illegal things operated by DemonRats.

Errrr, sorry: Democrats.

And today he went on a Twitter spree essentially declaring war on the Biden Crime Family and saying all the dirty laundry was coming out soon.

And it would result in jail time for many.

Let’s take it piece by piece…

As confirmation that he’s playing for the “good guys”, let’s start with this Tweet:

I like him already.

But he was barely even getting warmed up.

Then he really started a wild thread…

Here’s how it started:

So he’s claiming that he’s working in cooperation with the team analyzing the Hunter Biden laptop.


1) Hunter is going to jail.

2) It will be so bad, Joe will resign.

I do believe the raid on MegaUpload happened during the Obama/Biden administration and Kim feels he was targeted.

Which is really interesting since he claims to have no actual connection to the US:

So how exactly did the US raid him?

Interesting question…





Organized crime?

All of the details are discussed in great detail in Kim’s Whitepaper here.

It’s a fascinating read.

But now back to his Tweets about the Biden Crime Family…

He was just barely getting started.

He says point blank he’s going to take down the Biden Crime Family just like he took down Hillary:

Then he says there is much more going on behind the scenes…

A grand plan.

The laptop was provided to all the MSM, according to Kim, and their failure to report on it makes them accomplices:

Kim says it’s bad….

Worse than bad….

The type of stuff that makes even the crustiest of veterans on the police force unable to view it:

And then this…

He says it’s all coming out next week.

Let’s see if he’s right….mark your calendars folks!

Here is Kim on the record back in 2017 talking about many of these things before they were even in the news:

Kim went on to confirm the Ukraine Bio labs:

And I loved this…

He claims to have backdoored access to many devices of the elites.

Uh oh!I

InfoWars is also covering the story and had these details to report:

Founder and former CEO of the file-hosting site Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, is the latest public figure to hint at new data being found on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop.

Creating a stir online Thursday, Kim said he is working with “the data forensics team that analyzes the Hunter Biden Laptop data,” and that there will be a major release soon.

In addition, Kim claimed Hunter Biden will go to jail in relation to several crimes exposed in the data and that Joe Biden will be forced to resign.

This statement echoes similar claims recently made by researcher and political activist Jack Maxey, who said he took his copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop to Switzerland where forensics experts were able to find more data than originally detected.

Maxey got his copy of the laptop hard drive while working with former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

The man who originally reported the Hunter laptop after receiving it while working at a Delaware computer repair shop, JP Isaac, recently pushed back against Maxey’s claim of finding more data.

Isaac said on NewsMax Thursday “the original laptop only had a 250 gig drive” and that he was able to recover 220 gigs of data off of it, concluding there can’t be 450 gigs on the device.

Explaining himself on the social media site Gettr, Maxey wrote, “the deleted files found are highly compressed (around 130gb) and when uncompressed they turn into 450gb.”

It’s uncertain if Kim Dotcom is working with Maxey’s team or another group with access to the laptop.

The internet entrepreneur and political activist told his Twitter followers Thursday part of the plan is to expose the media outlets that failed to report on the story despite receiving copies months ago.

“The Hunter Biden laptop data contains evidence of the worst kind of child abuse,” Kim wrote. “One forensic analyst told me that he has to take frequent breaks because of how disgusting the evidence is. Did the spies and media that called this ‘Russian disinformation’ assist a Pedophile?”

Jack Maxey has maintained he will not let his team look at any photos or videos until all the documents have been found and released in a searchable format, at which point they will take the laptop to local Swiss police if any illegal images or videos are seen.

So, either Kim is working with someone else, or the Swiss police are currently going through the video and picture files with Maxey’s forensic analysts.

The Megaupload founder also claimed the story will be “headline news next week,” writing, “They cannot contain it or discredit it anymore. Stay tuned for updates.”

What do you think?


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