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New “Riot Fence” Set Up Outside The Federal Reserve Bank Building?


Reports have been breaking online with photos claiming to show fences being installed outside the Federal Reserve Bank Building in Washington, D.C.

Riot fences, to be specific.

But before we get to that, I feel compelled to hit the pause button for a quick second and give a public service announcement.

The Federal Reserve Bank is:

– Not Federal

– Has No Reserves (completely bankrupt)

– And Is Not, In Fact, a Bank!

Did you know?

That’s all true.

In fact, we had no Central Bank in the United States until 1913, which is also the time we started to get inflation.

Our Founding Fathers fought vehemently against a Central Bank, and they were successful in fending one off until “The Creature From Jekyll Island” was born in 1913.

And here is Peter Thiel confirming what I just told you: the have no Reserves and they’re completely bankrupt:

Peter Thiel: Central Banks Bankrupt

Ok, now back to our regularly-scheduled article.

NeonRevolt first broke the story earlier today:

Then other reports started to come in on Twitter to confirm the story:

Some have claimed it's a construction fence and not a "riot fence"...

Compare to the Capitol Riot Fences installed last year and judge for yourself:

Looks very similar to me.

So now the big question....

Why would the FED feel like they need riot fencing?

Well, it's probably because pretty soon many Americans won't be able to afford food:

“Food Price Inflation Will Soon Accelerate” – Here’s How To Get Ahead Of It

More here:

Biden’s 2023 Fiscal Spending Plan Will Likely Make Inflation Far Worse

Think that's a good enough reason to riot?

We've actually been all over this story for a long time.

Here is a report we ran featuring Clif High from 2-3 months ago where Clif talks about the fall of the FRN (Federal Reserve Note, i.e. the "Dollars" in your wallet):

Clif High On Greg Hunter: “Vax Die-Off For Next Three Years”

The FRNs will die off due to inflation.

They'll inflate so fast that they will become virtually worthless.

Remember studying history and hearing about people trying to buy a loaf of bread with a wheelbarrow full of cash in the Wymar Republic of Germany?

History is about to repeat itself.

Think that's a good reason to riot?

The FED does and it's bracing for impact....


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